Whirlpool Series No 3
Gwen has studied painting, printmaking, book arts and textile arts.  Gwen is currently painting with acrylics. Her painting style is a blend of expressionism and Fauvism.  Gwen teaches approaches to expressive abstraction (acrylics), experimental watercolour techniques, and contemporary expressive drawing. She exhibits her paintings frequently. “Blue Water” Series was inspired by the sunsets and beaches of Lake Huron. “Whirlpool Variations” Series involves the concept of light on the water’s surface pulling the viewer into the vortex and downwards into the bottomless abyss. Gwen expressively paints the rhythms and movements of bodies of water and other natural phenomena such as volcanoes. She paints to express energy, soul and mood, whether the work is expressive abstraction or non-objective. She strives to connect with the energy and force of the water as she moves her hands and arms over the canvases. Gwen Tooth received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2005 from the Ontario College of Art and Design University, Toronto, Canada.

Gwen will custom design workshops, classes and demonstrations about "Abstraction in Acrylics" for your art group. She can be contacted through the Guestbook of this website.

Gwen is also available to jury exhibitions.

Gwen exhibits her work at Propeller Art Gallery, Toronto https://propellerartgallery.com

and Steve Wilson Studios & The Gallery, Niagara Falls, Canada 416-706-1732

Online representation:
Partial Gallery, Toronto Canada

Link to August 2023 interview with Paul Constable, Director, Artists in Canada:


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