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Gwen Tooth

Artist directory :: Gwen Tooth

Gwen has studied painting, printmaking, book arts and textile arts. Gwen is currently painting with acrylics. Her painting style is a blend of expressionism and Fauvism. Gwen teaches approaches to expressive abstraction (acrylics),and drawing.

Gwen Tooth


Gwendolyne Tooth 
Gwen has been studying and practising art and art history for forty-seven years. After her formal art education at the Ontario College of Art and Design University in Toronto, Canada, she continued to learn from other artists. She now enjoys teaching classes and workshops relating to approaches to abstraction in acrylics, experimental watercolour techniques, contemporary expressive drawing, and chats about art history relating particularly to the development of abstract and expressive art. Gwen exhibits regularly and is actively engaged in the Toronto art scene.


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Toronto, ON M9B 3R8


Selected Artworks Selected artworks from Gwen's series of artworks.
Rhythms of the Sea This series of 25 paintings in acrylic all measure 24 inches by 36 inches. These are painted intuitively by Gwen Tooth on gallery canvases. No specific location is in mind.
Rhythms of the Sea II This series of paintings was painted by Gwen Tooth after her emotional reaction to the showing of Rhythms of the Sea. In this second series about Rhythms of the Sea, Gwen abstracted by zooming in to the waves and motion of the water, and creating luminosity and light effects as she sensed the play of sunlight upon the surface of the water.
Blue Water Series This series of paintings was completed to pay homage to the beaches of Lake Huron and to the Blue Water Highway which connects all these beaches. These are small paintings. Some are 12 inches x 12 inches.
Whirlpool Variations Series In this series of acrylic paintings, Gwen Tooth is exploring the movements and energies of whirlpools of water. The reflecting light on these whirlpools attracts the viewer and engages that person to look into the whirlpool.
Indian Ocean Series This series of paintings was inspired by Gwen's visits to India. Her experiences with cooking food using spices grown in India influenced her use of colours. Her walks on the beaches of the Indian Ocean are also felt in these paintings.
Moods of the Sea Series This is a group of paintings completed after spending some summer time at a Lake Huron beach. Gwen Tooth has always been fascinated by the movement of bodies of water - oceans, lakes, waterfalls and more.
Fauvist Style Portraits This series of acrylic paintings was completed using live costumed models. Gwen paints in an expressionistic manner mindful of the Fauvist painters, who included Matisse.
Contemporary Black and White Drawings Series This series of drawings was completed using black and white gesso with strong gestural drawing movements starting from the shoulder. Black and white fluid acrylic was later added. In the spirit of contemporary drawing and painting, blurring occurs between drawing and painting.
Drawing Explorations Examples of Gwen's drawings using various media and levels of realism, abstraction and explorations.
Water Media Works on Paper This gallery includes works completed on paper in water colour, acrylic, gouache, casein or combined media on paper.
Tsunami Series Following Gwen's Whirlpool Variations and Waterfalls and Flora by Night Series, Gwen's work evolved into tsunami images. These are a few of fourteen completed works with more in process. Textures in these paintings evoke the churning of the sea and earth.
Into the Light A series of paintings expressing the hopeful energy of water and survivors following a tsunami where nature is in control. Each of these paintings has been coated with four layers of Hansa Yellow Medium in order to create the luminosity once other colours are added.
Red Series: Gentle Waterfalls Red Series: Gentle Waterfalls is a series of 20 paintings experimenting with more serene and gentle water on red backgrounds. Nature is full of joy once more. Through series of colourful imaginary sunsets, canvases exploring the light and playfulness on the surface of water, horizon lines have been left far behind as the artist progressed through Waterfalls, Whirlpools, Tsunamis, Post-tsunamis into "Red Series: Gentle Waterfalls".
Indian Ocean Variations Abstract acrylic paintings expressing the energy, colours and scents of India as experienced by Gwen during her travels to the subcontinent.
Black and Gold Variations A series of 25 acrylic paintings using gold dripping expressions on black backgrounds. Viewing this installation evokes emotions and symbols of wealth, drama, mythology and music through operas such as "Der Ring des Nibelungen" by Richard Wagner.
White Water Rapids White Water Rapids, 2019, is an exhibition of acrylic paintings that has been created to express both the rugged beauty and the destructive force of white water rapids.
Niagara Falls in Winter I am an experimental expressionist painter. I have completed several series of acrylic paintings revealing the moods and energies of water –whirlpools, waterfalls, and tsunamis. For the “Niagara Falls in Winter” series, I created acrylic paintings expressing both the rugged beauty and the powerful energy and force of this huge waterfall.
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