'The Road to Recovery' exhibition (Larry) 21st Sept 2012

The opening of 'The Road to Recovery' exhibition (Larry) 
is Friday 21st of September 2012
(culture night)
 in The Garden Gallery Delvin, Co Westmeath
This exhibition really tugged at my heart strings. It was originally part of an exhibition entitled 'the road to recovery' for New York, which I hadn't planned to exhibit here and then it was renamed 'Larry'. It's definitly been the most difficult one emotionally I've worked on yet!
(For culture night, there will be lots going on in the gallery, including mosaic workshops, pottery work shops, a special performance by Actress Mary McEvoy and a huge variety of new art on the walls from other artists. Defenitly a date for your diary! )
* For the soldiers who opened my eyes. Thank you for sharing your stories with me. There was nothing easy about telling them. You all know who you are xx
If you know somebody, a brother, cousin, uncle, friend or neighbour who went abroad with the army to a malaria area and came home with insomnia, agression, hallucinations, paranoia, anxiety, memory loss, depression, suicidal tendencies (amongst many other possible things) and they have no answer as to why they feel this way, or what has happened to them.....google Lariam, It's the anti-malaria drug that was used by the military in many countries. You might find some answers and be able to help them.


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