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Oh my! Your art is uplifting and filled with smiles! The world needs more artists with your inspiration.
-- Jerry, 8/29/23

Jan SwanVery powerful work in Larry gallery.
-- Jan Swan, 5/3/15

You have been busy my beautiful ex-neighbour. Can't wait to see you and your work in person. The texture, colour, mood, all of it! fabulous! Rosie 2-6-2014
-- Rosie, 6/2/14

Beautiful paintings! Wishing you continued success! Hajni- Mianra Soaps
-- Hajni, 1/27/14

Wonderful work :)
-- Caroline C O'farrell Huber, 10/7/13

very luscious thick juicy paint
-- Gerald Brunckhorst, 4/18/11

Your artwork is so vibrant and full of colour...I love it, especially the flowers
-- Gill Robinson, 1/19/11

Looking forward to mulled wine and sorry I missed your opening. Have been looking at your work on various sites. 'Stormy Waters' is so evocative.
-- Marie Grassick, 11/25/10

only heard of you today an went in to your website to have a look very good indeed a friend of Esther O Hara
-- Sheila Weir, 11/5/10

Love your work and looking forward to Crowenstown on saturday, best of luck
-- Teresa Gammell, 10/22/10

Wow! my tallented cousin , your work is brilliant.
-- Elliott Wood, 8/26/10

such beautiful art is a reflection of the beauty of the artist........ i would love to see the world through your eyes xx
-- Jackie Pentecost, 8/26/10

You are so talented.Keep on painting love~
-- Cindy Kragt, 8/26/10

Still have to log on to have a look. You are so tallented...!
-- Elaine Revington, 8/25/10

Such unique and colourful work,you are so talanted.
-- Jeannette Campbell, 7/23/10

It all loks great. congrats
-- Audrey Bradish Taj, 6/23/10

Hi Hazel just had a look at your paintings they are fantastic, keep up the great work
-- Deirdre White, 12/31/09

Your work is amazing Hazel, I love the colours you have used and the scenes you have captured are very evocative - keep up the good work!
-- Jennifer Casey, 12/11/09

Paintings are beautiful loved texture and colour and found it very inspiring.
-- Teresa Gammell, 12/6/09

Had to take a look after reading Peter Donegan's piece on Face Book. Met him and had many drinks with him in Cape Town. Saw and noticed your name on something out there! Wonder are we related?? Paintings are beautiful, especially of South Africa. Good luck with the exhibition.
-- Brian Cross, 12/2/09