November 13th-15th 2015, Edinburgh Art Fair


Delighted to have my work on exhibition from November 13th-15th  at the Edinburgh Art Fair with The Chimera Gallery.

Two of my favourite paintings (among others)are on display at the art fair.

'Remembering' was painted on 11/11/2013 on Veterans day while I thought about my many veteran friends and my Grandfather and the hidden wounds that they carry on their souls. This image was used in the Calor Gas Garden at Bloom in the Phoenix Park in 2013 as part of Dawn Aston's award winning garden. 

'Flowers of Hope' is one of my all time favourites. It has a story behind it and I always wonder can people feel the energy that went into it and the love, as it seems to be one everyone is drawn to, without ever hearing the story.

Flowers of hope

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'The day after the night before'


'Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate' - Exhibition by Hazel Revington-Cross 

My phone was hopping yesterday evening with texts saying sorry I can't make it so I was a bag of nerves by 7 o'clock wondering would anyone be there. Well as it turned out it was packed to the gills and the best part was there were so many new faces who had never been at one of our nights before and they had a brilliant time. An unbelievable amount of food was dropped off for the Simon Community. There were lots of lines bought for 'The Irish Mammy' painting. I had my lovely friend Kim looking after the sales last night so I could go around and talk to people and I need to go out and look this morning but I know there were red dots going up all over the place and I saw bundles of Jonathan's art going home with people last night & a lot of craft work. I have some really beautiful photos taken which I will try to send them on privately. A huge thank you to our musicians. All night people were commenting at how brilliant they were and there's nothing like it when your job is actually to be stuck in the middle of a big party & dance while you work! Thank you so much to all who were there & to those who were sending me good wishes who couldn't make it. Now I need to go out and try and get rid of the smell of alcohol and do some cleaning!


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