2020 Life during lock down 2020 Life during lock down
Working through lock down was a huge challenge for me, because what came with it was being hit by a wall of creative block. I had two businesses that ground to a halt over night. That brought it's own set of worries. But being denied the right of being able to sit with a friend and drink coffee...the basic interaction with other human beings...well for me that meant that very fast my soul felt like it was actually starting to die.  

To many it might seem that this was an ideal opportunity to produce art, but the truth for many artists was a very different reality. There was a huge deal of frustration in feeling the pressure that we should be able to work tirelessly and churn out copious amounts of art having all this spare time on our hands. I know for many artists they felt a great deal of failure at not being able to do this. There was comfort in speaking to my other artist friends who were honest enough to share their stories of how lock down had effected them. 

I spent a lot of time looking through the lens of my camera and viewing insects close up with the macro lens. I discovered varieties of insects that I never knew existed in my own back garden. I produced a new range of greeting cards with these images.

I watched the seasons come and go slowly and observed various trees come into flower and quickly loose their blooms.

I looked at what the great artists in history used to find inspiration. I discovered they found it in the bottom of a bottle...or so they believed. The truth is it may have been lead poisoning that caused them to hallucinate and see the green fairy.

I had friends listen patiently as I voiced my disappointment about my creative block, but more than anything what helped the most was that they made me laugh throughout my frustration. Having the ability to do this should never to be underestimated. If you were one of them you should check in the mirror to see might you have hidden wings you may not have noticed before....really you should check! 

Eventually the creativity began to flow.

The result was a mixture of ordinary things that I was surrounded by during lock down....the insect life, the seasons changing, the night time visitors to my doorstep (i.e. the hedgehogs), the bull in the field that I visited many times and a bottle of Absinthe! 

To the friends who picked up the phone to one another during lock down and checked in to see who was okay....never doubt the difference that you may have made. To those who checked on me I will forever be grateful.

Recipient of artist bursary award 2020 by Westmeath County Council 

'And the Crow once called the Raven black' 'And the Crow once called the Raven black'
A series I did on crows and ravens inspired by a friend who shared his incredible story, of how a Raven stopped him in is tracks during one of the lowest moments in his life. 
Exhibition takes place at Purple Raven Art on August 24th 2019

Into the forest I go (2018) Into the forest I go (2018)
“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul”
―  John Muir

My greatest love is to be outdoors in nature among the trees and observing wildlife.There is nothing quite like the stillness that it brings...standing with the 'Tree People'. The textures and colours of the peeling bark on the birch trees constantly inspire me, as did the wonderful lady who's tree in my tree circle is the birch tree. She is the 'lady of the woods' facing every challenge with dignity and grace. Thank you Sue for always shining such a bright light. You are like the white bark on the birch tree that that is luminous and glows even on the darkest days of winter. You are a true inspiration. 

I have included some of the peeling bark and ferns I collected from my walks into these tree paintings and I've acknowledged the little goldfinch that strove to get my attention in some of them....and not forgetting the Hare steeped in Irish mythology and often associated with the 'Otherworld' and believed to have magical powers and to be treated with caution.     

Daily paintings (2018) Daily paintings (2018)
These are small 6" x 6" pieces which are part of a daily painting series I began. They will be added to. All pieces are framed in a limed wooden frame. 

Inspired in a cemetery (2018) Inspired in a cemetery (2018)
An unusual place to take inspiration it might seem but I love old cemetery's where the headstones are leaning to one side, the sound of the crows fill the air and they are often abandoned, isolated and disused. I could spend many hours there taking rubbings from ancient headstones and using the images to create pieces of art. I did slip and sliced my leg on barbed wire trying to get into a very old graveyard but I was determined nothing was going to stop me....and it was worth it.  

Most of these piece started as rubbings from headstones that date back to the early 1700's and 1800's and were transferred onto primed board where I built up the image with sand and paste. Lichen was added to many to recreate the effect nature has on the old headstones. They were then painted using oil paint and finally a coat of varnish.   

2017 2017
Some of the work I've completed in 2017
** Please note most of these paintings were not photographed in good light and I need to rephotograph them at a later date**

Food Food
A collection work from my exhibition entitled  "Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate."

Ponds (unavailable) Ponds (unavailable)
The pond ~ There is something very tranquil about even painting a pond....and I just love painting them.
Purple Raven Art Tel 044 9664723
 These pieces are no longer available.

Meadows Meadows
I love walking through the fields... It evokes memories of childhood. I have always been facinated by poppies... ever since one day as a child someone pulled back the petals and I discovered they looked like little ladies ready to dance in little red ballerina dresses!

Any painting without a price underneath it is not available anymore. There may be a similar piece not listed on the website so please ask if there is one in particular you loved. 

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Farm Yard Farm Yard
My farm yard themed collection of art, which was on display at FTF Bistro (Farm to Fork) in Athboy, Co. Meath.

Flowers (unavailable) Flowers (unavailable)
Being surrounded by flowers on a daily's hard not to want to paint them!  Purple Raven Art Tel 044 9664723

Any painting without a price underneath it is not available anymore. There may be a similar piece not listed on the website so please ask if there is one in particular you loved. 

Trees (unavailable) Trees (unavailable)
The inspiration for these paintings came from looking through a friends photographs of beautiful woodlands where he hunts. Two of these paintings were used in Dawn Aston's award winning garden design at Bloom in the Phoenix park 2014, in the Calor Gas Garden. In February 2015 one of these paintings was used by Dermot Bannon on RTE's T.V. programme, 'Room to improve'.  This is a sample of some of the series of Birch trees I painted. 

Townships (unavailable) Townships (unavailable)
These pantings are based on my time spent in Cape town, working in the townships as a volunteer, both in Wallacedene and Khayelitsha, where the people live in shacks and their everyday life is a struggle.  The art in this gallery is filled with emotions and memories that are always close to my heart.
Although there are only a couple of the originals available in this collection, limited edition prints are available of 'Motherhood' .
 Purple Raven Art Tel 044 9664723

Miniatures Miniatures
I have created a range of miniatures of some the most popular art themes I paint and have left them unframed to keep the cost to a minimum. These are all original oil paintings on canvas board, painted with a pallet knife. They are packed into c.d. cases making them very easy to safely post without risk of damage. They make ideal gifts. They are priced at €25

Birds (unavailable) Birds (unavailable)
Every now and again I have a desire to paint they wild or domestic.
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Seascape (unavailable) Seascape (unavailable)
I love painting the seas...from the tranquility of a calm sea with a solitary figure to the contrasting turmoil of stormy waters and dramatic waves.

Purple Raven Art Tel 044 9664723

'Larry' (not for sale) 'Larry' (not for sale)
This exhibition started in September 2012 in The Garden Gallery, as part of culture night. The focus of these works is to capture the emotions; based on the stories kindly shared with me by friends with a military background, where they have spoken of being taken from a world filled with hopes and dreams and  plunged into living with the deepest darkest depression, caused by an anti-malaria drug 'Lariam', that was supposed to protect them, but ended up destroying life as they knew it.
 These pieces are not for sale.

Bog Bodies Bog Bodies
From my September 2013 exhibition of Bog Bodies at Purple Raven Art, Crowenstown , Delvin, Co. Westmeath.  Tel 044 9664723 

Figurative (unavailable) Figurative (unavailable)
Originally exhibited as part of the 'Larry' exhibition, these painting represent the women also effected by the drug Lariam. The names of the paintings were chosen as my wishes for friends living with the effects of the drug.
These paintings have been created using oils mixed with sand and other mixed media.

Shamanic Art Shamanic Art
These works are something I will add to over time and are influenced by my three years studying Shamanism. 
Prints available.