I create whimsical paintings of cupcakes, ice cream cones,lollypops,pretzels,and black and white cookies set: in gardens, in New York City Landmarks, on flowered tablecloths, and in homage to famous painters.       Helene Leonardi



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Helene - I love what you've done with the Statue of Liberty! Starry Night is one of my all time favorite paintings. Your treatment of it is fantastic
-- Maureen Melle, 8/18/15

Hi Bill and Helene, We met in the Big Apple in 1984 and 1985 at the "New Art in New York" Exhibition held at Parson's School of Design. You were doing the Sculptured Hands which Al and I thought were very clever. And now your luscious paintings of cup cakes and ice cream are captivating us! Kudos and "Grate Wishes" from The Manhole Artist Bobbi Mastrangelo
-- Bobbi Mastrangelo, 10/3/13

David and I love all the colors especially with"TeaTime" and the" Statue of Liberty taking five" Kris
-- Kris, 3/27/11

I love the cupcake. I want to see more. good work, Helene!
-- Susie, 3/21/11