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Awesome Kevin. Love the facial hair.
-- Peggy, 7/27/10

Nice work man. I love the graduation of colors. I must say, that beard really makes you look credible. I've thought about growing one. Is it itchy?
-- Borsk, 5/14/09

When mine eyes first laid themselves upon this work, mine heart leapt with both joy and wonder. The inner workings of thine mind must be most complex: buttressing an intricate belief system and a singularly unique world view. I asked mine self, "Who is this man? and on which planets doest his soul wander?"
-- Yovana Kornakoviaslovski, 5/12/09

Absolutely FANTASTIC......The mind of a talented artist is a world unto itself. .........creating worlds for the rest of us to get lost in. Brilliant.......................
-- Louell J, 3/11/09

Dealing Dreams and Destruction to a Pattern Plagued World
-Luke Rhinehart

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