Abstract Naive, with accent on color, is as close as I've come to describing my art. Doodle-art, really. There's freedom to it. My characters often surprise me. I would not think of them coming to life looking the way they do. Creating is a connection to the universe of the imagination. Dali and Rivera are two of my favorite artists. 

At this juncture, all artwork is prototype. Pieces may be acquired on digital canvas-form, on a per order basis. I will soon be looking at expanding on large display...

I appreciate you taking the time to review my page. All feedback is appreciated.

Thank you.

FALL @ 2018
After close to a decade of ups and downs, the pivot has worked. Diving head first and with blind faith into the creative has opened a door to my soul. My baby's first book, Miz Lena, is in the oven. My art has developed into a living, breathing, therapeutic entity that has blossomed beyond my imagination from a place imbued by Spirit and created with Love.  

WINTER @ 2018-19
Life goes on...a new year for resolve in doing what you love.

SPRING @ 2019
Love and faith restored. A new beginning in tune with the natural order of things. Thank you, Lord.
In the meantime, the angels will fly away for a little R&R.

SUMMER @ 2019
End of an era. All has morphed, crystalized. Caterpillar to butterfly, we hope.

FALL @ 2019
On the doorstep of the Fall Equinox, we renew our faith in the divine and hope for equilibrium and softness in our lives. The dimming light is reflective of our mood. Perfect and just in time. We are truly grateful.

All in God's hands. Saved by Grace.


Call to be present. New paradigm of universal love trying to land.



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