The Angel Collection Summer Fall Winter 2017 The Angel Collection Summer Fall Winter 2017
The Angels grew out of the Mission Collection...2017

These bathing beauties spent the Summer in an imaginary Caribbean locale. Labor Day and Last Day at Beach were the final images for this Summer collection... and then came the hurricanes of 2017. Island In Mourning is my tribute...

The Other Chix...The Birds The Other Chix...The Birds
Because everyone loves chickens (of all sorts)

The Mission Collection Spring 2017 The Mission Collection Spring 2017
The Mission Collection began when my friend Sylvie, who lives in Brazil, showed me pictures of churches with palm trees by the ocean. 'La Sylvie' is the first picture in this collection. 

It was the beginning of a stormy year. I found peace and solace in painting. It's only after looking at my little pictures that I realized the full scope of my journey... I am a child of God. Consciousness is eternal. Truth is Love.

The Angel Collection grew from the Mission Collection...

The Little People 2018 The Little People 2018
The Little People Collection is dedicated to those who are not at liberty to take a vacation this Summer, or ever. The ones who are restrained by time, money or circumstances in life, weather displacement. Those are the Little People who need to fly away, if nothing else but for an instant, to a fantasy world where everything is ok.

I find my art to be therapeutic. The themes are childlike. The colors make me happy.

What's even more rewarding is for my pictures to bring a sense of joy to others. To, momentarily, lift some of the weight of life. To feel carefree for a little bit. Maybe start healing.

I had no idea that my Little People would turn out looking the way they do. It's as though they came to life on their own. A living picture. All of my pieces are imbued by Spirit. That's the way they come to be. They all have special meaning to me and somehow reflect events in my life.

My card collection (The Missions Collection) will be coming out soon, thanks to Jackie at Carroll Printing. I appreciate everyone being so supportive.

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