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Wood Carvings Wood Carvings
Using a knife, my birds are carved from basswood or tupelo wood.   After the piece is carved to shape, feather groups are carved in and within those groups, individual feathers are formed.  The piece is then textured with a wood burner and/or texturing stones to simulate feather detail and finally, painted with acrylic paints to create the soft look of the bird in the wild.  Often, the birds are set into a habitat scene which is creatively made from various materials.  
Having said that,  I can also finish the birds with very little carving or texturing detail, which are described as "smoothies".   Other than the songbirds, most of my work is to a half size scale or miniature. 
Many of the wood carvings here are with galleries or have been sold and are shown as examples of my work.  For commissioned pieces, I enjoy working with the client with regard to the overall design.   If you would like to commission a carving or for prices of available pieces, please contact me.

WOODCARVINGS - currently available WOODCARVINGS - currently available
Please contact me for price and more information about the piece

Cast Paper Sculpture Cast Paper Sculpture
A cast paper sculpture is one of the most exciting new art forms in the world today.  It begins with an image being created as a 'bas relief' sculpture in clay.  The intent is to produce a cast paper reproduction of the image in a limited edition of impressions.
Using the image, I use a mold making rubber to build up several layers to create a negative mold.  Plaster is then poured over this to create a cradle for the mold to rest in.  
The preparation of the paper pulp begins with the 'beating' of pure cotton linter fibres to produce a fine pulp.  Great care is taken to ensure the texture and the tensile strength of the fibres will be suitable for the forming process.  The pulp is placed, as a water slurry, into the casting mold, and a different edging is created for each piece.   Then begins the process of extracting the water, by hand, using a sponge and paper towels. The pulp is carefully formed into a thick sheet of paper with strong sculptural qualities to confirm to the exact details of the casting mold.
The cast paper sculpture is then taken from the mold and left to dry for several days. The piece is then either tinted with a sepia spray or penciled with realistic detail,  making each piece an original work of art.  Available in a black or white frame or unframed.
Because of the fact that the cast paper sculpture is individually pulled by hand, it has certain unique characteristics typical of an original fine art print.  Upon completion of the edition, the mold is destroyed.
Please contact me for prices.

Driftwood Art Driftwood Art
Mother Nature created beautiful pieces of driftwood - artwork in itself.  By carving the bird and using the driftwood as a "frame", a unique collectable transpires which can be hung on the wall, unless otherwise stated.   I use acrylic paints to add realism and life.
 Please contact me for pricing, to commission a piece which is sold or for any bird not shown.


Recently commissioned work Recently commissioned work
I am known for my (very) miniature detailed birds.  Recently however, I have taken on commissions to carve some larger birds, which at first was very challenging.  I would like to take this opportunity to share these with you. 

Xmas Ornaments or Gift Tags Xmas Ornaments or Gift Tags
These christmas ornaments and/or gift tags are miniature hand made cast paper sculptures which are subsequently coloured in gold, silver, red, green or combination. 
They can also be personalised with a name or the year
 $8 each or 3 for $20 (plus shipping and applicable taxes)

Hand carved from tupelo wood
Space on the back for personal message
  (plus shipping and applicable taxes)



Feather Pins Feather Pins
The feather pins are hand carved from tupelo gum wood, textured with a wood burner and painted with acrylic paints to replicate the original bird feather.
Large pins $32    -    Earrings $32    -    Lapel/tie pins $17 
(plus shipping and applicable taxes)

Reproductions Reproductions
My resin reproductions are made in Canada and produced from my original woodcarving.  I either paint with acrylic paints for realistic colour as seen in nature or apply a "bronzed" finish for a more rustic look.
The cost of applicable taxes and shipping will be added.

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