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-- Rick, 6/15/24

So many cats with total freedom to stroll in France!!!!! Beautiful photos!
-- Pam Heward, 6/15/24

-- Laurence , 7/11/23

Bold & modern & inspiring work. I love the textures & brushstrokes, especially in the Last Crow and Woman Life Freedom.
-- Nancy Farrar Coughlin, 1/25/23

Hi Jan. Your work is wonderful. We will run into each other sometime soon, I think. Take care.
-- Terry Hosford, 7/31/22

I love your work, especially your bird paintings and your cat photos. The cats are extraordinary. You know I like your Southest photos at Aldergrove Gallery.
-- Christine Vincent, 11/9/21

Marila GuilliamsI enjoy your work....Your horses are innovative....and just great.
-- Marila Guilliams, 5/11/14

Are you the Jan swan that likes my work as well? How did you come across my work? I too like your work. Paul Wilbur.
-- Paul D. Wilbur, 12/23/12

Your work is lovely. Beautiful paintings and photos.
-- Eneida Maisonave, 1/17/11

Hi Jan - I enjoyed your photographs, vibrant colors and rustic looks, very nice. - Angelica D'Angelico 9/11/09
-- Angelica D'angelico, 9/11/09

Fantastic paintings, Jan. Your creativity really shines on your canvases.
-- Sharon Bloom, The Wooden Cow Gallery, 4/1/09

Tina WillHello Jan - Lovely animal portraits! Let me know when you ever come to Denver - You can borrow my two models! :)
-- Tina Will, 2/23/09

you have always been a great artist. i am happy to see you are once again inspired to produce.
-- Mary Rowan Quinn, 2/2/09

Congratulations! I am so glad and look forward to seeing all of your work. M
-- Margaret Bols, 2/2/09