we just bought 2 of your dream masks at the palm springs art museum! I love them and can't wait to put them up when we get home to santa cruz /aptos! love the b/w pockmarked one on your home page too!
-- Leslie Chow, 2/13/22

I was at the la Quinta art celebrations this week and I love your art. I would like to purchase a few of your birds. How can find out the prices. $200 - $300
-- Charles Taylor, 11/13/21

Thank you for making me smile.
-- Arthur Klkonsky, 12/6/20

Hi Jeff, I enjoyed having your work in our home. We moved about 3 years ago to Oregon, Love to know how you and the family are doing.
-- Maria Sund, 7/11/20

I purchased a dream mask from you at the Baltimore show MANY years ago. It’s just as wonderful today as it was then. I’ve since been gifted a very small mask, it has curly wire hair no pupils and just a slit for the mouth. It’s very cool with the bouncy curls. I hope to add a larger mask to our collection.
-- Marc Friedlander, 3/9/20

great work... purchased 2 this summer in stone harbor,nj
-- Philip Rothenberg, 9/8/19

Would like to purchase 2 masks that measure around 9 inches in length not including the plume on top.
-- Judy Terrell, 9/2/19

Love your work, Jeff. Have 2 of your bird masks in my family room - they sure are conversation pieces. Everyone loves them! Keep creating, Jeff - can't wait to see what you come up with next. Also, would love bigger pictures of your Crib art.
-- Eva Maze, 2/20/19

Dude... your new stuff rocks! Hope to see you this weekend... ~R
-- Rob Plaza, 5/9/18

Hey Jeff, I finally got around to checking out your website; there’s so much more variety of work than I thought: I guess I never got past the front area of your booth! You really are a serious-ass painter! Your digs look really cool. You’ve got it figured out… I dug the pictures of you making the clay masks. See you somewhere on the road. Cheers, Mike
-- Mike Conlen, 4/16/18

Hi, I'm the daughter of Wanda Zimpher, step-daughter of Wanda's husband, Marvin Zimpher. Marvin and Wanda were Jeff and Nancy's next door neighbors on Schaeffer Road, Sebastopol, CA 95472
-- Sara Mccarthy , 9/18/17

Nice pieces Jeff you just keep getting more creative, keep on creating !
-- Mark Ellinger, 6/4/17

Hi Jeff, your work is fantastic. I have never seen anything like it before. Keep up the great art work. I will buy something in the future when my finances get a little better. Take care buddy, Big Osc
-- Big Osc, 5/12/17

Please let me know when you are showing your art anywhere on the west coast. Thankyou
-- Penny Peltonen, 1/7/17

I was born at the Groton/New London Naval Submarine Base in 1956. I ran across your work on an online auction and wanted to look at other work you've done. I like your colorful pieces. Thanks for brightening my day!
-- Darlene Hainer, 6/27/16

We Love your work Jeff, with genuine respect! ENjoyed trading one of ours for one of yours. Kathy still stairs starry eyed at the artwork we got from you. I simply treasure it. Hope to see you and your wife in Annacortes. We're in booth 906E.
-- Rob & Kathy Kistner, 5/21/16

Your work is incredible, and you live in paradise
-- Steve Ferrante , 7/22/15

Hi, Jeff. Did you find something to do with your time today? haha. One of these days my wife & I want to take a drive out to your neck of the woods. Later Mike
-- Mike (#4), 4/29/15

Hi Jeff, I had a visitor to my house yesterday who said, Wow! what is this beautiful thing?" My reply,":That is a beautiful piece of raku-fired porcelein made by Jeffrey Zigulis, an artist from the West coast." Back in the mid eighties, I made a trip to New York with two of my boys in tow. We stayed on West 72nd St. and took a stroll and that was how we found you and your work on exhibit in a plaza. I bought three pieces and you shipped them to South Texas. My love affair with them never waned. We moved several times and I lost one and then another. So I am down to one, but I cherish this piece still. It keeps me centered somehow in a world that has been turbulent at times. Your work has changed significantly over the years but still has a Jeffness. I am very happy for your success and love your beautiful home and setting.
-- Diane Myers, 9/22/14

-- Lori Bernstein, 8/2/14

LOVE your colors and designs! Hope to see you at the Anacortes Art Festival this weekend and WISHLIST.....make a purchase!!
-- Teale, 7/30/14

Jeff, I have just moved from Stanwood to Tucson and brought many treasures from home with me. Among my very, very favorites is my medium sized mask, which I purchased several years ago during the Mother's Day art tour. It looks spectacular in my new Tucson Saddlebrooke home. Love it! Thank you, sir! -- Joyce
-- Joyce, 6/27/14

I purchased one of your dream masks 4 or 5 years ago when I was visiting in Minneapolis. I still love it! Love your new bird series! Deb Wood Mt. Dora, FL
-- Deb Wood, 3/8/14

I'm interested in purchasing a small mask in copper, but I would also like to see other colors available in small.
-- Janis Arrindell, 3/4/13

I would like to make a purchase with you. You art is beautiful. Washington DC
-- Jennifer L Williams, 2/26/13

Your art is absolutely beautiful !!! Who would have thought a guy from a regular neighborhood would be so talented. You and Steve Jobs !!!! Congrats on your accomplishments. I'm sure "Hank" is very proud.
-- Kimberly Espinoza Perez, 7/17/12

We have 10 of your masks. We purchase 3 mini-masks at the Baltimore Craft Show!
-- Alan Bernbach, 3/30/12

I heard about your work through the family grapevine (our son and your son are third cousins). Glad to hear you have an installation here in Salt Lake City. We will be checking it out for sure! Great website.
-- L. Zornow, 2/11/12

Your mask is now a great focal piece on my office wall! Thanks!
-- Darren Spencer, 7/30/11

Love the masks
-- Bonnie Braasch, 6/14/11

I really love your new home and studio. I miss you guys!!!
-- Mark Russell, 4/16/11

Purchased a mask as Best of Northwest. Hung it in the guest bath. Lots of comments. Looks great against a merlot wall.
-- Karen Leeds, 2/22/11

Your work is awesome as as always! You're looking good too. Please say hi to Nancy and Matt for me. I miss you guys!
-- Christine Sallee, 2/2/11

Loved the pieces at the best of the northwest show - now to find the wall to display one and then decide which one...
-- Steven Kilmer, 11/15/10

Jeff...What a treat to see your beautiful work! I purchased a couple of wooden tribal masks while in Africa in the late 90s. Health and happiness to you and all your loved ones.....Ignacio
-- Ignacio Cantu, 9/2/10

Hello Jeff and Nancy... Tell Nancy I said hello, it's been along time since I tallked to her... I live in Snohomish...
-- Ronald Darang, 8/31/10

Hi Jeff & Nancy Just looked at your website and pics of your home and artwork. It is some pretty cool stuff :)
-- Ronald & Tammy Darang, 8/31/10

Hi Jeff: Love your work, Say hello to your brother Joe for me. Sal Passantino North Bend, WA
-- Sal Passantino, 8/31/10

hello A.j...still goin strong I see...your work is still Wondeful..Glad to see you are doing so well..Love you still, Liz
-- Liz, 8/13/10

We purchased two dream masks @ thre Bellevue Arts & Crafts Fair this past weekend, we just love them. We are looking forward to increasing our collection! Roger & Michelle, 7/26/10
-- Roger & Michelle Chikamura, 7/26/10

met you at the Baltimore Crafts show several years ago-I get in & out on the 1st 2 opening days(wholesale).. Mark Ginsberg(Iowa) introduced us. Unfortunately I did not buy at that time & I dont believe you do that show anymore? What shows-if any are you doing?
-- Betsy, 4/2/10

Just rolling through my Favorites
-- Russell Toran(viper), 2/13/10

Great shots in the last news letter, Keep up the great work !
-- Mark Ellinger, 2/11/10

TINNETTE HEMMONSCannot find the proper adjective to describe your I will just say ASTOUNDING . I ADORE YOUR WORK!!!!

Hi Jeff, so nice to meet you in Sacramento. Thanks for the wine and laughs.
-- Tara Argall, 10/5/09

Hey you old dog! Went by the ol' homestead a few days ago. Came home and did a google search and found you! Great site. Much love to you and Nancy. Diana
-- Diana Mcconnel, 9/25/09

Hi Jeff and Nancy... enjoyed the tour of your gallery and excellent home... WOW Look forward to more of your interesting masks. cheers steve rammer
-- Steve Rammer, 9/8/09

Labas ! Kaip tau einasi? Saw your website by accident. Now I know why you're a happy guy. I'd like to share a beer at your place someday. Ray
-- Raimundas Lapsys, 9/5/09

Miss you Uncle Jeff! :) Tell Aunt Nancy I said hi!
-- Taryn Colao, 6/2/09

Love your stuff! So much fun.
-- Rob Jenner, 4/26/09

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