The Art

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Recent Work Recent Work
I am always excited to share my most recent work with visitors to my website.  This gallery is my way of highlighting my most recent works, and offering an invitation to see more of my paintings.

Land & Sea Land & Sea
Living along the California coast, in a thriving city offers a myriad of subjects to paint.

The sea is the place that gives me the greatest peace.  

The city is the place that recharges my energy.  

For me, they are in perfect harmony.  

People People
This gallery reflects my interest in people--their faces and postures. 

It also represents my working in other media.  Here you will find, in addition to my pastels, acrylic and pen & ink works. 

Still Life Still Life
What can Be said about my Still Life works?

I love the play of light on glass, crystal or chrome. Creating this effect in pastel is a challenge, I relish.  My success is measured by the number of viewers who are astonished that the paintings are soft pastel.  

This is the greatest reward for my hard work! 

I also love the challenge of material and fabric.  The Native American piece you see in several paintings offered a new experience in painting.  

Still Life artists are always seeking the new to make the painting more interesting and challenging.

Wildlife Wildlife
I enjoy painting animals and birds. Most of these paintings were painted for an the annual Wildlife in Art show, held in La Mesa.

Nevertheless, these paintings were fun to create.

Giclee Prints Giclee Prints
Although all of my pieces are available to be recreated as Limited Edition Giclee prints, this gallery includes some of those paintings that I have sold over the years.

These pieces are only available as giclee prints.