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Known Karen since a wee one:) alway's a Talent!!!
-- Ron Sandler, 9/11/19

I like all your Art works .so beautiful.
-- Jace M Santor, 5/1/17

Great to see recent work. You're amazing. Been traveling a bit so nice to come home to your site. Keep up the good work. Patti
-- Patti Carey, 3/6/17

Hi Karen, You were recommended by Shandel Gamer. Very nice work. Best Carol Lopez
-- Carol Lopez, 2/28/17

You are amazingly talented! What a gift! It was such a pleasure working with you. Erin from Jeromes
-- Erin Paterson, 10/13/16

Dear Karen, I just had the pleasure of looking at your pastels...They are beautiful, realistic and pieces I would enjoy looking at in my own home. You are a visually wonderful,perceptive and talented artist. Thank you for the pleasure of sharing your work...
-- Pamela Perl, 7/10/16

I am so envious. Such beauty. In particular I love your yellow rose. I am just beginning my art adventure, but am determined to learn to create something beautiful. My determination has taken me to many places in my life. Places I never thought I would be. So I will give this a go and see where I land. I love Pastels. I just love color. I can sit and peer into my beautiful box of pastels, losing myself in them. Thank you for inspiring me with your drawings. I am hoping to create something to share with those in this forum. I've a lot to learn.
-- Marcia, 5/24/15

Wonderful Work Karen!
-- Barbara Redgate, 2/18/15

Beautiful work, Karen!
-- Cynthia Mcgill, 10/28/14

home email
-- Bobbi Presser, 4/4/14

Love Vi. Just stippling. Wow. Must have driven you slightly mad. I am finally retiring at the end of March. Hope we can get together with you and Harry soon after. Would love to see your work in person. It continues to get better and more interesting.
-- Bobbi Presser, 2/21/14

And yet another feather in your cap! It does my heart good to know that you just keep on receiving the recognition you so richly deserve.
-- Marilyn Grame, 1/22/14

Hi Karen:) Just signing your website guestbook for your upcoming doings. I'll see you at the September Foothills Artists member meeting and possibly at PSSD meeting in October. I'll try to stop by Gallery 21 in Spanish Village for your reception on the 15th. I'd love to see your work up close so I can learn from your expertise. Hope you are well. John
-- John Castell, 8/27/13

I love your work!
-- Susan Williamson, 3/6/13

Clearly the website of an artist who makes money. How many years have you been doing the Festival of the Arts? My daughters used to perform. Love your works!!!
-- Mike Tabeling, 1/6/13

I was privileged to see Karen's work at the Spanish Village in San Diego. Please keep me up to date about her art. Thank you.
-- Patti Carey, 10/5/12

It is a pleasure to have such a talented artist as my contemporary and my friend. You light up the world around you.
-- Marilyn Grame, 5/23/12

I am Betty Johnsen's sister; also from Newport. Graduated in 1961
-- Bonnie Boiani, 4/28/12

Wonderful work Karen!
-- Otto Sturcke, 1/31/12

Lovely work Karen! Jan Petersen-Owen
-- Jan Petersen - Owen, 1/12/12