The Honeymoon
Available as a Screenplay (5m): Magical Adventure of cats and wild animals, a Surreal Fantasy of Courtney from a Submarine running into a Cat Show. Meet Oscar, the narrator and shaman bat, king of the forest: Scary Lyrical Comedy for all ages. Book is narrated professionally by author and will soon also be available on audible.

The Honeymoon Cast

OSCAR: bat, male over 60, soulful, magical, fit, agile, comic

CONNOR/CAY: bat, male 40-50, attractive, charming youthful character 

LIZ: cat, female 18-25, magician, shaman, vampire-like, sassy, brilliant, intimidating

VAHT: cat, male 18-20, attractive, fit, rapper, singer, dancer, painter

SAGITTA: cat, female 18-20, surfer, singer, dancer, piano player

COURTNEY: girl 6-8, singer, scuba diver

LEWY: possum, male over 50, bossy, NY accent

EOPHIS: snake, male over 60, slithery, mature, enticing, singer

CRUMB: pig, male 18-25, dancer, rapper, fit, fun, tough 

OBEAH: the devil, male over 50, powerful, frightening, agile, intelligent, French accent, large muscular body 

SUPPORTING speaking cast 

KRIS: girl 9-12, Courtney’s sister, preppy

CHUCK and TOM: twin boys 8-12, singers, drummer keyboard

AUTUMN: female 30-40, Courtney's mom

HANK: male 30-40, Courtney’s dad

SUSAN: female 30-40, Chuck’s and Tom’s mom

TIM: male 30-40, Chuck’s and Tom’s dad

JAWS: female 30-50’s, uptown, intelligent, lyrical

CRAB: male 40-50, edgy feminine

BASS: male 15-20, magical, lucid, fairy

GRANNY BAT ADEL: female 80, fairy

ANDRIS: bunny, boy 6-9, small, athletic, funny

MARY: rabbit, female 30-40, Andris’ mom 

ALEXANDER: rabbit, male 30-40, Andris’ dad

SNAG: female over 60, raspy, magical, haunty

TOWN CORONER: cat, male 60-80, Liz’ dad

WOLF: male 30-40, gray, bright, strong, agile, creative, loving

WOLFINA: female 30-40, bright, strong, agile, creative, loving

RACCOON, SQUIRREL and ANOTHER RABBIT: silly, any gender 5-10

JACK: dog, male 18-25, chill, cool

JENN: cat, female 18-25, warm, insightful

VOODOO PRIEST: black male over 40, tribal

NEWLYWED: girl 20, sensitive, fair, plump

PROFESSOR: either gender person over 50

HELP: mink, male 12-16, arrogant

CAGED BAT LADY: female over 50, wearied

CHEEKA BOO: cat, female 20-30, stocky dancer, singer

PANTHER CUB: male 8-10, sweet and curious

HUMMINGBIRD and PEGASUS: female 15-18, spiritual

PICO, LOCO, CHICO: bats, males 18-30, also speak Spanish, singers, tap dancers

STELLA: pig, female 40-50, Crumb’s mom, bossy

FELIX: dog, female 25-35, investigative, sharp

TERRY: cat, female 30-40, Chandra’s mom, yoga fit

CHANDRA: cat, female 9-11, sweet and dreamy personality

DETECTIVE KIM: male 35-45, black, muscular

ALBERT TOYGER: cat, male 40-55, Sagittas’ dad, lawyer

BUZZ (VO): male 15-30

LAVENDER (VO): female 15-30

IWANNA: cat, female 30-35, cool cat singer, plays keyboard, mom of “The Litter.”

THE LITTER: 9 kittens, kids 5-10, rappers, dancers: Big Cheese, True, Iwanna Jr, Icky, Tricky, Lisa, Slappy, Flurry and Crappy

OLD WOMAN: female over 80, messy gray hair, wrinkled, raspy voice

IZZY and ION: polar bear cubs, males 3-5

COCO: polar bear, female 20-30

CHIEF BUFFALO: male 40-50, deep burly voice

HALO: female 35-45, fairylike, long hair, petite, looks 16 from a distance, fit

SOOVA: male 25-35, fairylike, long hair, petite, looks 16 from a distance, fit

SIRIUS: black wolf dog, male 20-25, intimidating

CETUS: whale, male 30-40, powerful

NÄKK: mermaid, female 35-45, evil

PYTHON: snake, female 30-40, uptown lisp

VULTURES: male/female 50-60, smart, wise

BAT GREETER: mink, male 18-20, arrogant


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