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Kat Bailot

Artist directory :: Kat Bailot

depiction of feelings reflect our paths and past

Kat Bailot


Katarina Bailot 
Kat Bailot, an Otis Parson College of Design Alumni and UAF 3.94 gpa BA graduate, was raised in Stockholm, Sweden, by parents who owned a design studio and gallery, Atelje K, which represented contemporary painters and folk art. She graduated Konawaena High School in Kealakekua HI, where she was the yearbook photographer. She was also an assistant at HI Tribune Herald and National Geographic. Other assignments have been for NOAA, Long Beach Bank, Mercedes Benz and Umemoto Associates. Her work was exhibited at Modern Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles and Craig Cary Art in Brentwood Gardens. i


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Tacoma, WA
United States


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Paintings Photographs are printed then painted, then edited and photographed again. After professionally printed on canvas, they are painted for a final presentation of a contemporary depiction.
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