Kat Bailot was raised in Stockholm, Sweden, by parents who owned an architectural design studio and gallery, Atelje K, which represented contemporary painters and folk art. She is an alumni of University of Alaska with a BA in Interdisciplinary Arts, and a graduate of Konawaena High School in Kealakekua HI, where she was the yearbook photographer. She was also an assistant at HI Tribune Herald and National Geographic. Other clients include NOAA, Long Beach Bank, Mercedes Benz and Umemoto Associates. Her work was also exhibited at Museum of the North, the 253-gallery, Picasso Art Gallery, Modern Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, and Craig Cary Art in Brentwood Gardens. She was also awarded an honorable mention at the National Greeley Art exhibit, and has been featured and awarded as a poet and author in numerous publications.



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