Artist Statement

Simultaneous Dimensions

internalization of Put simply - which is what I strive to do visually - my works explore the inner (shown on the black side) and the outer (white side) worlds simultaneously. They can also be seen as contrasting visual representations of both light and dark at once (the dark side is literally an imprint of the light side). I find the interaction and variation of shapes, forms, and colors between the two different opposite backgrounds illuminating, as well as how the two sides relate to create a complete echoing composition. Part of the challenge of executing the paintings is in the striving to make each side work visually especially, then, in unison.

Looked at from side to side, they are both the externalization of inner space and the internalization of outer space. Basically, I also really enjoy utilizing black and white as integral elements.

Image: Wind Chimes The Soul, Acrylic on Papers, 22x14 ins., 2018.


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