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Kerry Ridgley Paintings

Artist directory :: Kerry Ridgley Paintings

Paintings of The Great Inner World, altered by elements of the natural world - and of mystery and the unknown; symbolic of the body and the internal, waiting to be filled and fulfilled, infused with the spiritual and longing for the Divine.

Kerry Ridgley Paintings


kerry ridgley 
I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Bowling Green State University (Ohio), 1976. Most recently I was represented by a gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona until the gallery closed. In the last few years, in particular, I have been able to concentrate more fully than ever on painting and developing my works. Through the years I have had a few solo shows and have been in some group exhibitions. My works are in numerous private collections. I am grateful to remain passionate and determined with my art, that I am still inspired and excited to pursue new explorations, and that painting in particular and art in general holds such purpose and meaning to me as my life's calling. Currently I have a studio in Scottsdale, Arizona (with this view of the McDowell...


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Scottsdale, AZ
United States


Voids At Opposite Ends When we consider voids, I think we're apt to think of them as dark. It occurred to me, though, that voids could also be light. The particular dark and light "voids" of this series, based on rock formations found in Phoenix and Fountain Hills, Arizona, also address the duality of mind and the natural world echoing as one and the same.
The World Series Expressing aspects and elements of The World(s) through compositions based on and inspired by rock faces and formations of the Arizona desert define the primary focus of these works.
Carrying The Weight Of The World Built around the theme of Earth Bones as an homage to the Earth, these compositions are based on and inspired by rock faces and formations found in the Arizona desert, specifically around the Valley of the Sun.
Elements Of Change With compositions based on and inspired by rocks found in the Arizona desert around Phoenix and Scottsdale, these paintings reflect the ever-changing world and are presented, in groups of three, as one of the Classic Elements of Fire, Air, Water or Earth.
Both Sides At Once Again As with the other series shown in each of the individual Galleries, these works are based on and inspired by rock faces and formations found in the Arizona desert, specifically across the Valley of the Sun. The works in this Gallery are comprised of those that were done within the time frame of a series but weren't included with any series.
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