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Is there no limit to your talents? Genuinely moved and uplifted,
-- Ian White, 12/7/20

Thanks for linking me to your website Lynn. I loved browsing through it, love the mood and light of these pieces. I can definitely see the connection between these and your poetry!!
-- Dianne Langtry, 3/26/17

How did I not know you have this fabulous website????? We continue to thoroughly enjoy our LAG originals! daphne
-- Daphne Schneider, 11/16/15

Dear Lynn, George put this link on facebook and I am thrilled to see this body of work. I especially enjoyed your Windows and the Color of Light series of notecards. I loved them all, your colors and your visions are exciting and beautiful! thank you! -Judy
-- Judith Richter Wilson, 11/16/15

Lynn, I finally had a quiet moment to enjoy your work. The first cup of blooms is a knock out! I loved the blues and the way you juxtaposed all those vibrant colors-- just delicious. I was also much taken with what I took as the interweaving of trees and the frames of windows and walls, inviting the outside world in-- and inside world out--- interlacing the two. The last one was so complex, with the addition of color as well. I wanted to keep looking and looking at it. Thanks so much for sharing them with me. It must be so satisfying to play with your materials and your vision to create these unique worlds. I can see why you spend a lot of time in Camano. It must also to be fun to get to know the other artists-- seems like a lively network. m
-- Marianne Logerfoj, 4/15/15

LAG/ARTGreat site! The colors really look great - if my memory is correct, the images reflect the real thing. Love some of the notecards. Particularly like the black and white tree picture on the contact page. Go Lynn!
-- LAG/ART, 11/19/14

I looked at every painting! I had no idea you are such a gifted artist! Wonderful stuff.
-- Bill Broderick, 11/17/14

LAG/ART… is just beautiful - congratulations! Love, Andreas
-- LAG/ART, 11/17/14

I love your work and still adore the painting from Italy that you gave us.
-- Francine, 11/16/14

Absolutely fabulous website! Should "we" add the ones in my collection to this site? Also, Croatia is spelt incorrectly.
-- Nancy A. Viscofsky, 11/16/14

I am overwhelmed! Beautiful work and easy (!) website to meander through. Congratulations!
-- Kathy Kirk, 11/15/14

Looks good. One thing, You spelled husband with a j.
-- Helen Drummond Maronek, 11/5/14

I went through every image and they're wonderful. Blue Light, 7 pm, sequoia giant, Sunlight. wow.
-- Robin Rice, 11/5/14

Nice! May your good work here bring you joy in the future!
-- Melanie Serroels , 11/5/14

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