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Lynn A. Guttmann/ART

Artist directory :: Lynn A. Guttmann/ART

I combine layers of colors, lines within lines, shapes within shapes, outside within inside to make images of nature's parts & flashes; the accepted & the unexplainable disparties. I use pastels, ink, pencils, oil bars & printing.

Lynn A. Guttmann/ART


Art has always been a part of my life. Over five decades, my work has been selected for numerous art shows and festivals. I have worked in many media including: oil paints and oil bars, watercolor, pencil (watercolor and graphite), printing, pastels (hard and soft), pen and ink. In my art work, I often use a mix of media. I studied at the University of Utah (watercolor scholarship), University of Washington (printing certificate), Gage Academy &Pratt Fine Art Center (creative printing). Since 2011, my art has been in these shows: Mount Baker Neighborhood Art Center's Inaugural Exhibit, Trees in All Their Glory - "Quinault" (mixed media: oil pastel &hard pastel, pen &ink, markers, watercolor pencil) art East's Northwest Grand Landscape Exhibit -...


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Seattle, WA
United States


Travel 14 items
Abstracts 22 items
Camano Island 7 items
Paths (note cards) 5.5" x 4.75" note card + envelope
The Color of Light (note cards) 5.5" x 4.75" note card + envelope
Winter Holidays (note cards) 5.5" x 4.75" note card + envelope
Spring (note cards) 5.5" x 4.75" note card + envelope
Open Windows (note cards) 5.5" x 4.75" note card + envelope
Trees/Forest Black and White Drawings I use a variety of black archival ink pens and lead pencils on various weights and textures of art paper. It's an easily used, portable and convenient medium. I don't plan any of my images; they appear as I sketch.
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