Prisma colors Prisma colors
I love ease and immediacy of Prisma Color Pencils.

The Jades The Jades
The Jades, or "Jade and her Dragon" is full of symbolism specific to my daughter.

It was a mother's attempt to exorcise her child's demons.
Each line incised with love, ink wiped and rubbed with care across the surface of the polycarbonate printing plate..
Until the image was built, layer upon layer like the petals of a rose unfurling...each pass thru the press, adding nuanced color and depth. 

Some of these prints have been thru the press 6 times, others were done in 3.

This is an example of a monoprint.
The bones of the image... the lines... stay the same.
The colors and the painterly background change from one print to the next.

Rather like the sky, or the girl herself.