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Thaloblue World ~ Laurie Paris, Printmaker

Artist directory :: Thaloblue World ~ Laurie Paris, Printmaker

Art created by the etching and aquatint process on copper or polycarbonate plate.. Images hand inked and pulled thru a 1.5 ton press. Rives BFK. Oil based Charbonnel Inks.

 Thaloblue World ~  Laurie Paris, Printmaker


Laurie Paris Garver 
I find inspiration in Life's struggles, dreams, in the beauty of Nature and the Garden. Thaloblue is the key color in the majority of my prints. Its purity and neutrality holds a fascination for me, the endless ways it can be combined with other colors, yet still have presence, alone by its self. Its the soul of the Gulf Stream, the color of night and sky, both warm and cool. Printmaking has been my main form of visual art expression since 2001.


Printmaking 20 items
Prisma colors I love ease and immediacy of Prisma Color Pencils.
The Jades The Jades, or "Jade and her Dragon" is full of symbolism specific to my daughter. It was a mother's attempt to exorcise her child's demons. Each line incised with love, ink wiped and rubbed with care across the surface of the polycarbonate printing plate.. Until the image was built, layer upon layer like the petals of a rose unfurling...each pass thru the press, adding nuanced color and depth.
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