Linda is a spectacular photographer whose vibrant photographs display the beauty of Oregon.  Greens, blues, golds, oranges and every color in between
are what you will see when viewing Linda's photographs.

Custom framing is another aspect that sets Linda apart from other Oregon-based photographers.

Linda wants to give viewers a complete picture--one that combines the beauty of the location with a sense of that place.  To do that, Linda began creating her own unique frames.  Each frame and photograph operate symbiotically where the completed work tells a unified story.

To begin the process, Linda first selects the photograph from her numerous location shots.

Once the perfect photograph is selected, Linda begins creating the one-of-a-kind frame for that photograph.

Linda understands how these unique frames make a complete piece.  Using wood, branches, barbed wire and more, Linda slowly crafts a frame equal to the image in her photograph.

All of Linda's framed photographs are a one-of-a-kind piece.  No two frames are alike.

Linda does sell copies of all her photographs but only one framed piece.

If you are interested in Linda's custom-framed photos, please contact her through the "Contact" page on this website.

To see examples of some of Linda's unique frames, click on the "Unique Framing Examples" Gallery.


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