Raising Funds for the Iberian Wolf Recovery Centre


The CRLI (Centro Recuperação de Lobo Ibérico)  launched 'Last Push to Save the Iberian Wolf Recovery Centre' ( to save their 42 acre site in Mafra Portugal where approximately 15 wolves live.  It is the only wolf sanctuary in Portugal and Portugal has approximately 300 endangered wolves.  I donated 9 artworks that have all sold for a total of $2500.

Fagus 1
Faia 3
Fagus 3
Fagus 2
Wolf Head

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Thank you for supporting the Iberian Wolf Recovery Centre by donating these paintings and collages. The IWRC (and its wolves) are now safe and secure, while two of these pieces now have pride of place in my living room and dining room. They're fantastic works of art!
-- Darren, 11/14/15

Exhibition 'Música e Monumentos'


Coyote, Guitar, Marriage of Figaro Act 2, Convento de Cristo, To
A new subject for me where famous Portuguese buildings and a variety of musical genres come together digitally with the help of more conventional art techniques including etching, collage and paint.  My background in architecture and interest in music helped me to develop these unexpected and fanciful mixed media images on canvas.   I have used my own photographs and blended them with images from the internet as well as with some of my own art as in the wolves which have always been an important theme.This exhibition is open to the public at the Centro Cultural de Cascais until May 24, 2015. 

Cena de 'Death of Klinghoffer' e wolves, Forte Oitavos, Cascais
At the opening

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Society of Women Artists Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London


Whistler & me
Mixed media portrait, 50 x 70cm, part of a series on artists that I admire or who have influenced me in some way. 


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Selected for exhibition at Society of Women Artists 2014


Exhibiting at Society of Women Artists
Been wanting to get my artworks into the UK and finally looks like I have succeeded by getting selected for this exhibition. (  I had been shortlisted at the RA (Royal Academy Summer Show) but did not pass the 2nd judging.  Not an easy one.  The artwork of Whistler is a mixed media piece with most of it collaged.  Size:  60 x 80cm


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Collaborative Art Exhibition (June 22-July18 2013)


Collaborative Art
As friends and artists we agreed that working together is a very positive and creative experience. It can lead to further collaboration, inspire new ideas and be a stimulating way to move forward in art as well as in other areas of life.  We wanted to put this into practice in our joint show so we worked in pairs to make black and white drawings/paintings.  What developed was a spontaneous dialogue where the end result was not the purpose but rather the process. We have made several artworks and filmed ourselves in the process of discussing and making our art. At the opening of our exhibition we intend to create 2 artworks as performance pieces.  We hope you will come enjoy our collaborative art event. We will also display individual artworks in various media.
Mary St.George, Marion Robbins, Franka Struys, Ramona Heine


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Exhibition - LOBOS de MAFRA


Exhibition Invitation -
In collaboration with Grupo Lobo an exhibition of my monoprints and paintings can be seen at the Museu Nacional de História Natural in Lisbon from April 5-30.  This exhibition includes portraits of the wolves who live at the Centro de Recuperação do Lobo Ibérico in Mafra, Portugal.  A percentage of the sales will go to support Grupo Lobo. Click on the invitation to view photos of the exhibition.


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Exhibition 'O Ambiente' (The Environment)


The art group 'Sintra-Arte' is having an exhibition entitled 'O Ambiente' (The Environment) opening at the Adega in Almoçageme, Saturday June 26.  More info to follow. 


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Life Drawing Collective Exhibition April 17, Adega, Almoçageme


A local group of artists have been meeting over a period of several years to draw and paint from the nude model.  There will be a variety of techniques and media and plenty of personal expression.  Please come and bring friends and if you are interested in joining this group get in touch with me.  The show opens Saturday April 17 (5 - 8pm) and is open Thursdays - Sundays from 3-6pm.  Last day is May 2.


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Exhibition/Sintra Arte/ Almoçageme Adega Nov. 21, 4:00 - 8:00


Welcome to our 2nd exhibition in the Adega of Almoçageme on the theme 'Almoçageme'.  We are 9 artists + 2 guest artists.  Opening hours are 4 - 8 pm.  The Colares choir, Ardecoro, is singing a Renaissance repertoire at 7pm.


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Adega Opening, Almoçageme, Portugal


Sintra Art Group are launching their Art Centre in an adega(old wine store) in Almoçageme Saturday Oct. 3


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