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Mary St. George: Painter and Printer

Artist directory :: Mary St. George: Painter and Printer

I am a figurative painter although I enjoy taking some of my initial impressions into partly abstracted colour studies using mixed media. My printing requires more preparation and works as a counter balance to the spontaneity of my painting.

Mary St. George:  Painter and Printer


Mary St. George 
I have been involved in the arts all my life starting with degrees in history of art (Connecticut College) and architecture (Parsons School of Design, NYC / Wesminster College, London) followed by teaching art and being a fine artist myself. I have lived and studied in the States where I grew up, the UK and Portugal where I now live. Originally an architect I moved into teaching art and design at a British school in Portugal. After retiring from full-time teaching I studied painting and etching which are the media I now concentrate on. My background in architecture gave me a feeling for design and watercolour sketching in order to visualize for myself and others a design idea regarding building and the environment. As an art teacher and eventually...


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Trespassing mixed media artworks on canvas inspired by abandoned and transitioning buildings in Portugal
Temples & Ruins A project inspired by buildings in various forms of decay or transition attempting to find the evocative, nostalgia, loss and beauty.
Music & Monuments The Convent of the Knights of Christ is an inspiring and imposing Portuguese religious monument originally built in the late 12th century as fortifications related to the crusades. Today it continues to be used for art and music and is the venue for the annual Zezeré music festival. Having participated in the choir I was lucky to be able to stay in the convent which became the focus for the 'Tomar' artworks.
Portraits of Artists Series of monoprints (oil) and etchings of portraits of artists I admire. I admire these artists not just because of their work but also because of what I know of their lives and personalities. As to the women, all had to have more than a bit of determination and self-confidence to achieve what they did in the 19th and 20th centuries. Some were limited in subject matter which not hinder their success or acclaim.
Iberian Wolves Recently I have become disturbed by the probability of the Iberian wolf becoming extinct. I joined Grupo Lobo in Portugal and visited a sanctuary for protecting wolves. This does not put them back in the wild but simply protects them from harm.
Prints intaglio prints using copper and zinc plates and various etching techniques including dry point, hard and soft ground etching, aquatint, sugar-lift, collagraphy and chinecolé
Figures Most of this work are sketches and paintings done from life drawing although there are a few from my series on fishermen in Portugal
Almoçageme The Sintra Art Group is preparing for their next exhibition on the theme of 'Almoçageme' an unspoiled village in Colares, Portugal. My works are monoprints in oil of iconic symbols of the village like the entrance to the Bombeiros (firedepartment), the Correto (bandstand), the wine store among others.
Green Shoe Variations Inspired by the discovery of an 'objet trouvé' on Dia de Limpar Portugal(Clean Up Portugal Day) March 20, 2010, I have developed a series of etchings, monoprints and watercolours on the theme of the 'Ambiente' ('Environment')
Exhibition - LOBOS De MAFRA Monoprints, paintings and etchings of wolves on show at the Museu Nacional de História Natural in Lisbon until April 30 in collaboration with Grupo Lobo.
Land and Seascapes Most of these paintings are done on site on the Lisbon coast using acrylic and mixed media. Some are done in the studio in mixed media.


Raising Funds for the Iberian Wolf Recovery Centre
The CRLI (Centro Recuperação de Lobo Ibérico) launched 'Last Push to Save the Iberian Wolf Recovery Centre' ( to save their 42 acre site in Mafra Portugal where approximately 15 wolves live. It is the only wolf sanctuary in Portugal and Portugal has approximately 300 endangered wolves. I donated 9 artworks that have all sold for a total of $2500.

Exhibition 'Música e Monumentos'
A new subject for me where famous Portuguese buildings and a variety of musical genres come together digitally with the help of more conventional art techniques including etching, collage and paint. My background in architecture and interest in music helped me to develop these unexpected and fanciful mixed media images on canvas. I have used my own photographs and blended them with images from the internet as well as with some of my own art as in the wolves which have always been an important theme.

Society of Women Artists Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London
One of my artworks was selected (shortlisted and then juried for final selection) for the annual exhibition of the SWA. I chose to show one of my artist portraits. I was also awarded the Frank Herring & Sons Easel Award on this occasion.

Selected for exhibition at Society of Women Artists 2014
I submitted a portrait of James M. Whistler to this annual exhibition in the Mall Galleries, London and got accepted.

Collaborative Art Exhibition (June 22-July18 2013)
Myself and 3 fellow artists created artworks together in pairs and discovered the importance of 'dialogue' and finding common ground. The challenge was to work spontaneously with black and white acrylic paint on a large format with the idea of 'collaborating'. The inspiration came from the book 'Expressive Drawing' by S. Aimone

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