May Alsouz Virginia artist

May Alsouz Virginia artist May Alsouz Virginia Artist May Alsouz Virginia artistMay Alsouz-Virginia Artist 2015May alsouz  Virginia Artis

May Alsouz Virginia artist

 Exploring Tosca magazine 

Spring  2015 issue-  American Artists- pages 57& 63


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The bright  and vivid colors  in May Alsouz’s paintings  are art for the sake of art only . They  do not bear  connotations and concepts  of a certain organization  or a  special society  . Her art does not  Symbolize  a particular group of people or a party. The colors May Alsouz uses in  most of her paintings are primarily inspired by the pure , vivid  colors and   Beautiful symbols  that are heavily used In daily life in the countryside of her original country, Iraq.