Pond Life

Pond Life
I was a lucky child, growing up with a pond in my back yard.  This richly alive body of water was the absolute center of my existence all those years.  As soon as  my chores were done I'd race down to the shore and push in the canoe.  The canoe was my trusty water steed taking me off for adventure.  In early summer baby turtles would appear, tiny circles floating at the surface to get air before swimming off.  So cute.  A bit later squadrons of dragonflies would patrol for the mosquitoes and biting flies.  Schools of bullhead would move together in a fish-shaped formation.  Oh, the magic!  I could go on about it all day, the creatures and plants I'd watch.
For this little painting, just 9x12", I wanted to capture that dark mystery you can see on a very sunny day.  What might be lurking below the surface?  See how the sun sparkles on the surface?  And a flash above~a dragonfly!


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