How does he do that?

My sculpture is a combination of art and engineering. I begin by creating an armature, a skeleton of welded steel providing strength and basic shape. The armature is covered with metal screening further defining the form and yielding a surface to which the resin may be applied. With a torch, steel is fused ("puddled") onto the framework where textured metal surfaces will be exposed, e.g., beaks, legs, etc. I often add to the mix with an overlay of bronze or copper. That's a delicate operation because of the substantial differences in melting temperatures between those metals and steel.

Resin in paste form is applied at critical strength points and then slathered over the screening to form a thick skin. The often long process of refining shapes and sanding begins. A final  layer of sealing resin assures the quality of the surface before heat-cured, polyurethane finishes are applied. The finish coat is lightly sanded until smooth and, if desired, polished and waxed.  Nothin' to it - piece of cake!
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