Peter Alan was born and raised in Southern California, and completed his B.A. at Sonoma State University in Studio Fine Art, History and Psychology. In his travels, spiritual service and studies in Assisi, Italy, Alan was invited to work in the studio of a local Roman Fine Arts painter, who became a mentor for him. Since 1998, Alan has created art in both Northern and Southern California for galleries, non-gallery venues, and private collectors.  His works on paper and panels range from Contemporary Realism, Abstraction, and Reactionary, to Experimental — tinkering with anything art-makeable in reach.  Integrating principles and elements of painting, drawing, printmaking, and sculpture all into one application, he often uses oil paint, plaster, charcoal, and collage.  As he often develops richly dynamic surfaces with ink-jet images, found objects, fingerprints, drawn-in portraits, dresses, text, and more, he further marks into the surfaces with scrapes and slashes.       

In 2001-'03, Alan created his Reactionary 911 series.  As “flag” motif paintings – appropriated and inspired by the works of Jasper Johns -- a barrage of news media images emerge throughout oil and plaster with graffiti enamel.  The alternative multi-colors suggest that “we are no longer just ‘red, white and blue; we are lots of colors now inundated with such tragedy," Alan remarks.

In “untitled (Middle Ground)”, bold vibrant colors transmit through a dark, mysterious and somber landscape with a silhouette-like Iraqi female figure and graffiti-like walls -- "wall" concept influenced by Spanish painter, Antoni Tapies.  Alan explains, “the walls exist as separate entities in dual opposition to each other.  As a dichotomy, they share the same plane with a distant horizon of complete desolation and ruin – in homage to the Reactionary works by many WW Reactionary artists, like Anselm Kiefer.  Amongst the sensitive though rugged surface, there’s a lot of unanticipated details that often draws the viewer into an investigation of complex elements.  Alan intends that the viewers to not be disappointed by the technical aesthetics while to transport them into their own imagination, thoughts and conclusions.

Asked, “What is making art for you?” Alan responds, “I think of my art like our human psyche… they also have a long history of developed complex layers.  It’s about digging in, going deeper, returning to the past to reconnect with it, and bringing what I can to the surface for letting go, growth, and enhancement.”  



"Wildfire: an assault on humanity, hitting home", 2018. 

911 was devastating.  So was the suicide of my brother, Tom.  The passing of my step-dad was pretty traumatic and upsetting too.  As these have been events that happened to other people that deeply affected me, the Nuns Wildfire has been a direct hit, impacting me most catastrophically.   Apropos, losing my home, painting studio, art and lifestyle, I've been particularly connected and driven to dive into this next reactionary series. 

Since the Nuns Wildfire I’ve been collecting ash and rubble from my burned-down Glen Ellen property -- JUST MINE (other affected properties sacred).  Stored in a family member's garage (currently I'm in a FEMA RV at the SR Fairgrounds), I got free art “paint”.  There's black, grey-scale, earth tones, whites and few specks of adobe-like paint.  I discovered the origin of the paint from fossil-like paint tubes that surprisingly somewhat-survived the 2000-plus-degree often-incinerating heat.  Few sticks of charcoal were no surprise but a joy to recover; but then I felt sad again finding charred pieces of paper that were previous drawings from several art portfolios.  I recall about 30 sketchbooks.  Oh and then the metal pieces from “untitled (PG&E)" was a fun find -- which I may incorporate into a new piece.  And of course some tools, which I'm looking to revisit an appropriation of Jim Dine’s “tool” series.   

Once the molded ash becomes sealed onto paper and panels with epoxy resin, I plan to cut strips and squares to be arranged into "flag" motif compositions.  Then the small scale of these individual pieces may hold up on their own, or shall be joined into a mosaic arrangement at large scale.  The unused pieces as "studies" shall be set aside for a separate application and objective.  Also I plan to build the ash into high-relief sculpture forms, playing with dimension and 3D perspective.  There will also be drawings on paper.

As there will be one major installation of small panels constructed into one large presentation, my objective is to present it to a local winery – intentionally Paradise Ridge for when they rebuild. Or the piece could go with another winery, bank or local business.  I'm looking into funding.  In addition, I shall make 250 small scale “studies” to donate to the First Responders, local Sonoma County crisis associations, organizations and non-profits, as well as so many individuals and groups who have been supporting my process of loss and recovery.  


In 2005-2008, Alan appropriates, paints and draws female portrait/figurative images from Internet social sites -- and  Moved by his subjects' inspiring beauty, he asserts their emotive mood in a serious, longing and somber context, connoting "the gaze". Dyer(1982).  "There's beauty in seemingly contemplative sadness; and I feel for women", he says; "so many women have it hard; especially here in sub-cultural LA.  While I can never really 'know' what it is like to be a woman, I empathize with their pressing challenges, complaints and yearning for a richer and expansive personal experience".  While Alan's work dominantly depicts females, his concept is most about the inherent and conditional life of 'beings having a human experience'.  Chardin (1881 -1955). 


In Alan's space" series (2004), bold vibrant colors transmit through dark, mysterious and somber figures and form atop wall-like surfaces -- "wall" concept influenced by Spanish painter, Antoni Tapies.  Amongst the delicate though rugged surfaces, there are a lot of unanticipated details that often calls the viewer into a child-like investigation to see and understand the complexity.  Alan intends that the viewers to not be disappointed by the technical aesthetics while transported into their own triggered imagination.

P E T E R   A L A N  
m i x e d   m e d i a   p a i n t e r

1969 Born, Orange County, CA
1999 Professional art practice established, Sonoma County, CA
2002 Los Angeles, CA
2011 Sonoma County, CA


Certificate Degree, Taking the Leap, Berkeley, CA, Art/business
BA, Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, CA , Fine Art, History, Psych
1994 Transfer,Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, CA, General & Studio Art
1992 Certificate Degree, UC Irvine, Irvine, CA, Computer Graphic Design

Related Experience

2013 Resident Artist, mural production, Youthbuild, Santa Rosa, CA
2010 Gallery painting/Installation/post-event, Los Angeles, CA
'03-'05 Guest, UCLA Warner Studios, Printmaking, panel construction
’98-’99 Overseas study, Italy, Culture/History/Painting
’01-’02 Art Teacher, M. Collins, Petaluma, CA, Mixed media process
’00-'02 Tech. Assistant, SSU, Rohnert Park, CA, Tool shop monitor

Solo Exhibitions

2010 "Auction", Burkina Faso flood-victim Benefit, Culver City, CA
2010 "Evo", New Loft Space, Los Angeles, CA
2009 "Open-Studio-Warming Event", Culver City Art District, CA 
2009 "Evo II", 36 collective", Evo South, Los Angeles, CA
2008 "Evo", 30 collective", Evo/South, Los Angeles, CA
"Ramones", Displayed works, RedPearl, Los Angeles, CA
"naughty school concubine", Live sketch, e3rd st., LA, CA
2004 “Mixed”, Be Well Chiropractic, Encino, CA                        

Group Exhibitions

2015 "Surface", Los Angeles, CA
2013 "Art in the Garden", Juliet, Santa Rosa, CA
2013 "ABZ ecetera", Sebastopol Center for the Arts, Sebastopol, CA
2011 "Entartete Kunst", Los Angeles, CA
2010        "tread", e3rd, Dowtown Los Angeles, CA    
2010        "Group show", Cigars, Downtown Los Angeles, CA
2010        "Dreams on Canvas, Circle of Care Foundation, LA, CA
2009        "With Nikki Russo", PA Studio, Culver City Art District, CA
2009        "August Venue", Beatniks, St. Charles, MO
2009        "Honory Life II", Spring Event, Woodland Hills, CA
2008        "Honoring life", Auction, Woodland Hills, CA       
2008        "LA tonite", 2nd st Cigars Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2008        "xx/xy", Hanger 1018, Los Angeles, CA
2008        "groupies", Monte Cristo, Los Angeles, CA
2008        "live sketch performance 4", e3rd, Los Angeles, CA
2007        "Rockit", The Grind, Mar Vista, CA
2007        "walls on bricks", Weiland, Los Angeles, CA
2007        "Body & Mind", Core Clinic, San Jose, CA
2007        "art of nightclubbing", IVAR, Hollywood, CA
2007        "art. food. music.", Tangiers, Los Feliz, CA
2007        "Art Display", Miss Kitty's Parlor @ Dragonfly, Hollywood, CA
2007        "collab with Frank Ryan", e3rd st. lounge, Los Angeles, CA
2007        "process monica", Star Factory, Los Angeles, CA
2007        "neighbor affair", Studio 2921, Culver City, CA
2007        "Mayapalooza", Maya De Leone, Pasadena, CA
2007        "fantasy art", Cigars 2nd st. gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2007        "abstractions", Royal Claytons, Los Angeles, CA
2006        "my space... in process 2", IVAR, Hollywood, CA
2006        "my space.. in process", The Monte Christo, Hollywood, CA
2005        “TOO LIPS”, Boardners, Hollywood, CA
2004        “Peace of Art”, Keller Williams, Marina Del Rey, CA
2004         consigned work, SOHO gallery, Studio City, CA
2003        “Floating to the surface”, 5900 St., Emeryville, CA
2002         consigned work, Hang, 567 Sutter St., San Francisco, CA
2001        “Reconstructing Reality” City of Oakland Gallery, Oakland, CA
2000        “Collaborations”, Edward Jones, Sebastopol, CA
1999        “Cheap Art Salon”, Campus Gallery, SSU, Rohnert Park, CA
1998        “Cheap Art Salon”, Campus Gallery, SSU, Rohnert Park, CA


2013 Mural installation, Youthbuild, Santa Rosa, CA
2011        "Night of Big Dreams", Eagle Rock Educational Foundation., Eagle Rock, CA

Review and Award:

2018   SF Chronicle, “6 months after Wildfires”, by Kevin Fagan, 04.08.18

2018 "Trial by Fire: loss and continuation," by Elle Morosoli, Cinesource Magazine, Feb 1, 2018
2008      "Evo: downtown new green condos, Los Angeles Times, 
Home and Garden, October 2, 2008
2008      5th place, "spotlight V", online competition
2008      2nd place, "Spotlight IV", online competition
2007      1st place,"Body & Mind" International Art Competition,
              Selected by art consultant, A.D. Aldouby, San Jose, CA
2006         place, "spotlight II", online comp.
2005      9th place, "spotlight I", online competition
2001      "Artists make enduring response to 9/11 attack"  
              The Mont Clarion (CA) p. 01, Published on 12-25-01   
              B. ROSCOE, STAFF WRITER

Commissions and Collectors

2016 Stephen Thompson, Glen Ellen, CA
2015 Christopher and Jeanie Sable, Sonoma, CA
2015 Michael Bennet, Sonoma, CA
2014 Jim and Gail Seaver, Glen Ellen, CA
2013 Colleen McCory, Rohnert Park, CA
2011 Paul and Stacie Cox, Santa Monica, CA
2011 Eagle Rock Educational Foundation, CA        
2011        Denny Vinar, Minneapolis, MN
2010        Stacia Vinar, Venice, CA 
2010        Camille Rosenblatt, Los Angeles, CA
2010        Jason Ha, Los Angeles, CA        
2010        Danuta Rothschild, Los Angeles, CA
2010        Dramane Kone, Los Angeles, CA       
2010        Bill Heiser, San Francisco, CA
2009        Mike Mosseri, Los Angeles, CA    
2009        Barri Lucci, Los Angeles, CA     
2009        Dave Meadows, St. Louis, MO 
2009        Alain Lehmuth, St. Peters, MO    
2009        Paul and Stacie Cox, Santa Monica, CA
2009        Amber Allison, Los Angeles, CA 
2009        Paul Karlson, Los Angeles, CA
2009        Cat Switzer, West Hollywood, CA
2009        Nicole Drake, Los Angeles, CA
2009        Tracey McCormick, Beverly Hills, CA     
2009        Sherry Kay Harryman, Scottsdale, AZ
2009        Judd Murray, Albequerque, NM
2009        Nikki Russo, Los Angeles, CA
2009        Frank Elliot, Culver City, CA
2009        Mike and Stephanie McKeever, Manhattan Beach, CA
2008        Monica Ford, Los Angeles, CA
2008        Peggy Heiser, Arlington, VA
2008        Paul Thornton, Boise, ID
2008        Honoring  Life  auctionee, CA
2008        Alicia Sixtos, Los Angeles, CA
2008        Fusion Restaurant, San Diego, CA       
2007        Monica Ford, Los Angeles, CA
2007        Tracy McCormick, Tempe, AZ / Los Angeles,CA
2007        Jackie Orchard, Pinellao, FL
2007        Alley Douros, Salt Lake City, UT
2007        Jason Ha, Los Angeles, CA
2007        Maya De Leon, Pasadena, CA
2007        Asra Iftekaruddin, Los Angeles, CA
2006        Gina Hansen, Sherman Oaks, CA
2006        Kristina Eil, Ventura, CA
2006        Robyn Williams, Manhattan Beach, CA
2006        Shehzod and Shafina Thawer, Sherman Oaks, CA
2006        Angelique Hennessey, Los Feliz, CA
2005        Keller Williams, Marina Del Rey, CA
2005        Erin Nemeier, Brentwood, CA
2004        Brian Benkenstalk, Venice, CA
2004        Chris Tyler, Venice, CA
2004        Dan V. Design, Los Angeles, CA
2004        Julie Jacobs, Santa Cruz, CA
2003        Kristen Schreyer, Santa Barbara, CA
2003        Sara Rogers, San Francisco, CA
1997        Trader Joe’s, store mural, Santa Rosa, CA

DTLA Studio
"studies installation (lost in fire)"
"untitlled (in early process and forever unfinished and gone)"

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