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GreAt work!!
-- Val And Paige , 9/10/12

Enjoyed your work very much,terrific use of color throughout! Glad to have joined this site.
-- James Lasenby, 2/13/10

Oh Dearest Peter! What a talented man you are and a beautiful soul to boot! I am looking forward to our show in October! Keep on creating your beautiful work for all to see!
-- Nix, 9/25/09

Peter, very great to met you last night, and very cool to see portions of your work here. The "her space" images spoke to me most clearly, and I saw almost each one as a snapshot of one's psyche/spirit/mind, almost a pastiche of "being" of that makes any sense. Beautiful man.
-- John Gordon, 9/2/09

Peter I LOVE my painting! I will cherish it always! You are truly stunning! Sherry Kay Harryman, Scottsdale, AZ
-- Sherry Kay Harryman, 8/24/09

Awesome!!I voe your work and look forward to seeing your future pieces. Pam
-- Pam Vallance, 7/21/09

-- Anonymous, 7/8/09

...word to pen, beauty to paint, love to heart, lost to found, treasure to you...
-- Solitaire Hughes, 1/11/09

  P e t e r  A l a n  You're work is completely amazing. Its a unique pleasure to meet you, Peter. I look forward getting back out to LA to see you again. Love, Marsha
-- P e t e r A l a n , 12/31/08

I am so proud of how much you have accomplished!! I look forward to your next show!!~~Nicole
-- Nicole Drake, 12/8/08

Hi Peter, Just checking in on my friend... How is L.A.? Just wondering how you are? ~Your Dear Sonoma County Lady, Alicia
-- Alicia Mechling, 7/17/08

i like photo
-- Osman, 6/10/08

This whole time knowing you, I just realized looking through your art work how talented you are. Your work is beautiful!
-- Loren, 5/6/08

Peter, Congratulations on winning with "Monica (gaze 10)"'s gorgeous!
-- Mary Lonergan, 4/15/08

Peter Martin MuzykaCongratulations Peter on your beautiful winning art work of MONICA.
-- Peter Martin Muzyka, 4/6/08

Hi Peter! Met you at the Getty last Friday- very briefly, I'm a friend of the Regulators (Rasmus/Steve:) Checked out your stuff- very cool! I especially like the memory, walls, fire series. Keep on rockin'! Cheers, Felicity
-- Felicity , 3/28/08

Looking forward to seeing your art. Your friendly insurance agent !!
-- Tina Pierce, 2/12/08