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I absolutely love the painting! As soon as I have it framed, I will send you a picture, as promised. Thank you so much for the beautiful art!
-- Jennifer Weber, 10/26/23

Great talent. Looking forward to seeing your art when I come to New Orleans!
-- Timothy E. Clark, 3/20/22

For the first time in quite a while I have been moved by art to the point of tears... Sunday Morning Sidewalk, Breaktime at Café Du' Monde and Party Dress. It is nice to feel this way again, thank you Philip.
-- Joanna, 9/12/17

love the print !! we get a lot of comment from our guests . will be purchasing more keep at it !!
-- Joe Kerley, 2/2/17

Philip...this website looks really nice. Congratulations. I may try it myself. I like the various categories you have and the simplicity.
-- Gloria, 1/3/17

guest book has been officially signed
-- Dan, 5/3/16

Awesome. Proud to call you my son-in-law.
-- Charles Fortune, 5/2/16

Soul shine!!
-- Christine Wigley, 5/2/16

Great work, as always!
-- Phil Waldon, 5/2/16

So talented!!!
-- Vicki Jaynes, 4/18/16

-- Walt Grimes, 4/18/16

Thanks for the pleasure of seeing your art.
-- Guy Anderson, Sr., 3/25/12

Your music has always been awesome, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that your other work is just as awesome! Great Job!!
-- Sharon Gatewood, 2/26/12

Web site looks very classy. I like especially the photo of you at work.
-- Guy Anderson, Sr., 2/23/12

Looks great!
-- Mary Lirette, 1/21/12

 Philip D. JaynesNew Orleans, LA(901) 487-2756