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Philip Jaynes, Artist

Artist directory :: Philip Jaynes, Artist

Oil paintings, watercolors, acrylics, charcoals and photography.

Philip Jaynes, Artist


Philip D. Jaynes 
Philip Jaynes spent more than forty years making his living with a pencil... practicing the art of architecture. He has a keen working knowledge of architectural renderings, techniques, perspective and film photography, along with a BFA from the University of Memphis and classical atelier training at the Contemporary Realist Academy. Living in rural Tennessee, and in The French Quarter of New Orleans, Philip photographs, paints and sketches in acrylic, oil, ink, watercolor, and charcoal, and sells his work, most days, on the fence at Jackson Square.


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New Orleans, LA
United States


New Work I primarily show my art at Jackson Square, in New Orleans. I set up on the fence on St. Ann. If not there, I’ll be on the other side, on St. Peter. Contact me with any questions.
Photography I work in medium format film photography, taken with my collection of classic twin lens reflex cameras. The photos for sale are darkroom silver halide prints—not ink copies.
Oil Paintings 16 items
Portraits 7 items
Watercolors 12 items
Sketches/Charcoal Click an image to leave a comment.
Pet Portraits 3 items
Acrylics 5 items
Prints 18 items
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