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 I took up painting in earnest only recently after retiring from a lengthy and reasonably accomplished career as a sometime attorney, financial consultant and manager in the overlapping realms of state government and human services. 

My mother was an artist and painter. I grew up in a home that was more like a workshop, with a project nearing completion or just under way in every room. It would not be correct to say that I am self-taught, because I had eighteen watchful years at her side; but, I must admit, with some regret, that I have no formal training to speak of.

When I graduated from college, many, many years ago, I briefly considered pursuing a career in the arts; but my father, ever the pragmatist, urged me to attend law school, first, so that, I would "have something to fall back on." And that was that for the next thirty-five years or so.  

Too late for formal training, now.  But I'm eager to learn what develops when modest talent mixes with a whole lot of free time.  This is the journey I have chosen for the next phase of a life that's already proven to be an extraordinary  adventure.  I see this site as a showcase for my founding and sometimes faltering first steps, my setbacks and successes along this exciting new path.      


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