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Artist directory :: RICHARD HILL ART

My career in the arts is just underway; but it remains a work-in-progress. This website is a showcase for my setbacks and successes, my founding - and, at times, foundering - first steps as a fledgling painter.



Richard B. Hill 
WELCOME TO MY MID-LIFE CRISIS. I took up painting in earnest only recently after retiring from a lengthy and reasonably accomplished career as a sometime attorney, financial consultant and manager in the overlapping realms of state government and human services. My mother was an artist and painter. I grew up in a home that was more like a workshop, with a project nearing completion or just under way in every room. It would not be correct to say that I am self-taught, because I had eighteen watchful years at her side; but, I must admit, with some regret, that I have no formal training to speak of. When I graduated from college, many, many years ago, I briefly considered pursuing a career in the arts; but my father, ever the pragmatist, urged...


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Boston, MA
United States


Group Iconographies® For a detailed description and discussion of this collection, please see 'About My Work' in the Main Menu.
Menageries & Bestiaries In this gallery, each painting is a collection - a menagerie or bestiary, if you will - of the eye-catching and exotic animals that I have been lucky enough to encounter in my occasional travels. Each painting is intended as a sort of memento or keepsake those journeys.
Just Stuff As he and I talked, my friend's 10 year old twin daughters intently studied my new paintings. After a while, one turned to the other and said, "It's just a bunch of random stuff!" Aha! For awhile, I had been asking myself "why still lives?' I just didn't get it. Landscapes capture the beauty or fury of nature.
Surfaces 111 items
Story Paintings For a detailed description and discussion of this collection, please see 'About My Work' in the Main Menu.
Cave Paintings My attempt to reclaim - through imitation - the artistic simplicity and minimalism that appeared spontaneously at the very dawn of humanity. In later work, my stylistic tendencies - toward complexity, for example - reasserted themselves.
Portraits 51 items
Blanks A collection of paintings, which, in varying ways, reflect my interest in conveying the subject's mood or personality through means other than facial expression.
Landscapes 21 items
Whimsy 6 items
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