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Thanks for sharing!
-- Ken Stampfer, 2/24/15

Hello Richard. Met the amazing Claire Thompson through her daughter Elizabeth last weekend in CT. So pleased she directed me to your work! More later.
-- Joseph Stannard, 7/28/14

Wow... We have to get together! These are great, Richard.
-- Richard Dougherty, 2/14/14

Thank you for publicizing the exhibit at the Beech Street Center where I am director. It was a nice surprise to see your name and learn of this exhibit, and the exhibit itself was a joy. Congratulations on your new career. Best wishes,
-- Nava, 3/19/13

Richard - Very impressive work and website. Happy to have been a part of it. Keep going - - you've got something here!
-- Crispin Birnbaum, 10/29/12

Mark KertzmanGreat Stuff. Love to see someone else who started at this late in life. I especially liked your iconographies but enjoyed others like suburbia and Gauguin. Very talented and funny!
-- Mark Kertzman, 10/12/12

Kudos to you on your first show. Your talent is obvious. I wish you greater success on all your subsequent shows. I believe there will be many.
-- Suzanne Simms, 3/24/12

Richard! your work still amazes me! i love my portrait of oz you gave to me for my first mothers day! if at all possible id LOVE one of both oz and i together! hope the family is well! i will be living in RI soon, whenever i have oz, i will let you know! id love to come take a tour of boston and i know oz would always love to see you all!
-- Kathryn Simms, 3/18/12

I love your stuff! Especially the Iconographies -- so rich, clever and fun. Looking forward to attending your show!
-- Jessica Fixler, 3/12/12

This is so much fun to see. We look forward to your show!
-- Phyllis Halpern, 3/11/12

Can't wait for the Newbury Court exhibit!
-- Sol Gittleman, 1/28/12

I cannot wait to see the exhibit at Newbury Court.
-- Sol Gittleman, 12/6/11

i have never wished someone good luck eith a MID LIFE CRISIS. but, your different. love all of the works. i wish i could buy all of them
-- Elaine Conroy, 12/3/11

All that talent burbling to the tip of your brush. Excellent mid-life, but I wouldn't call it a crisis.
-- Suzanne Simms, 12/3/11

High time and well worth it.
-- Pattullos, 12/3/11

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