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Mark KertzmanLove your seeking human kindness series. Very moving.
-- Mark Kertzman, 7/22/22

Beautiful work Richard. I love seeing them all together as a collection like this!
-- Roberta Jarvis, 2/16/20

Richie, Your art is simply beautiful! You are a very talented man! I really love your technique.
-- Lorraine (Decowski) Moore, 3/14/17

Such healing serenity in this new work. It feels peaceful & resonates like the first morning dew & sweet chirping sounds of the birdie!
-- Janice Tranos, 7/10/14

My cousin, Leslie, forwarded your site to me. What a wonderful range of work you do. I also love to paint marsh birds. Isn't it great when you are happy with the work when it is done?
-- Jennifer Fais, 4/11/13

Hi, Richard - This is an amazing chronicle of an amazing artist. I love your work. I'm forwarding this site to my cousins who are juried artists also; they will love it and be inspired. Janice Tranos connected me to your site. How are you? How is the family? I think it's time for you guys to visit CABC!!!
-- Leslie Mcfarland, 4/10/13

Richard & team, This recent photo gallery of church work in process was extraordinary to experience! Bravo, on a major accomplishment for restoration! Janice
-- Janice Tranos, 4/10/13

I especially like "City Sketches!" Really nice work. Looks like litho, but it's gouache!
-- Mary Lee, 7/4/12

While some people may say about the City of Chelsea, Ma may be Negative! Their is So Much Positive Talent that comes from such a small city ! Just look at Pawlak's art work! Ms. Jozy
-- Jozy Spinelli, 6/2/12

Beata MetzelaarGreat work, I really enjoy your art!!
-- Beata Metzelaar, 5/30/12

I've been a fan since I first saw your work!
-- Jim Irvine, 4/12/12

Virginia CarvourJust found your website. Your work is fantastic. The marsh birds are so evocative and moody. Love the color combinations and textures. Just beautiful!
-- Virginia Carvour, 3/25/12

You make Montserrat proud, Richard. Gorgeous stuff!
-- Gina, 3/7/12

I was fortunate enough to purchase some of your work recently at Han-Dun. I've been an admirer of it for some time. You have a very interesting technique that expresses the mysticism and power of your inspirations. Very moving.
-- Marshall, 2/17/12

Very nice work Richard, I like them all but really like the moods of the Bus Stop series.
-- Peter Stark, 8/10/11

Great work, Rich! I love your artwork because it evokes a lot of emotion and involvement from the viewer. Captivating and engaging! Thanks for sharing it online.
-- Jun Jamosmos, 8/1/11

Your paintings are nicely represented here, Rich. Good job!
-- Christopher Weaver, 7/23/11

Very nice stuff, Richard. Like teh 'Night Moods' best.
-- Leo Lechtenberg, 6/18/11

Hi Richard, It was lovely to see again at the CABC affair.. I am already inlove with blueman 7..stunning! Lovely work Richard as you are a lovely man.
-- Janice Tranos, 10/23/10

Great website! Everything looks awesome!
-- Amy Rice, 10/21/10

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