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Richard Pawlak

Artist directory :: Richard Pawlak

Abstract Expressionist

Richard Pawlak


Richard Pawlak 
"I have been blessed with the privilege of studying drawing and painting under the late Oliver Balf and Paul Scott. Both were students of Hans Hofmann and were exacting and proficient mentors.” Richard Pawlak was born in Chelsea, MA. He attended New England School of Art in Boston and graduated Montserrat School of Art in 1981. Pawlak developed a mastery of many artistic mediums and approaches to achieve an end result. Consequently the combination of technical skills, life experience and the good fortune of learning under excellent teaching, has emerged in the production of a growing body of work. His paintings have been on display in galleries on Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, Boston and Chelsea. They are also included in many private collections. Richard...


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Richard Pawlak
Mashpee, MA
United States


Marshes 6 items
South Cape 2 6 items
Cityshapes 12 items
Bus Stop 18 items
Roxbury 1969 15 items
Historic Restoration St Peter's by the Sea, Narragansett, RI
Paul Scot Notes These are notes from my teacher Paul Scott, saved from when I was a student of his. Paul was a student of Hans Hofmann.
Marshbirds Acrylic on board
Architectural 9 items
Commissions 2 items
Women Studies 3 items
Fresco Studies Fresco on MDF board
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