About the Artist

Artist Statement: “I love painting to spark curiosity and joy.”

Led me into my third creative career. Viewing art in Barcelona some years ago I became curious about the whys and hows of artists’ work.  Sparked by that curiosity, I jumped into painting with optimism and a strong love of learning.  As I developed artistically, the role of curiosity expanded and circled around until it now is the why and how of my art that is sparking the curiosity and interest of others, including artists, viewers and collectors. 

Partners with curiosity. While my choice of subject, my techniques, or my artistic style sparks curiosity, my use of color sparks joy. I love color—quiet subtle colors, yummy rich colors and brilliant in-your-face colors. The natural colors of things—of mist, kernels of Indian corn, canyon walls, an individual’s skin—delight and guide me in more realistic painting of portraits, landscapes, and still-life. The inherent nature of pigments, how they play against each other, blend, and just sing out, inspires joyful exploration in more abstract painting. Curiosity and joy intersect on each canvas.

Creativity is motivated by all kinds of situations, many far away from art as we generally think of it. My 25 year professional life in education demanded creativity both as a teacher and as a college administrator. Playing for 12 years in a classical string quartet provided an additional means for creative development and expression. Through those experiences, I developed my foundational goals and approaches to painting: to keep learning, and to create fine art that sparks curiosity and joy, both for myself and viewers of my work.

Creative ideas and clear goals do not yield fine art without knowledge of artistic elements and principles, and years of practice with painting tools and techniques. These I pursued primarily with instruction and coaching from David Kinker, an outstanding landscape painter, muralist, and art teacher in Bend, Oregon. I augmented his instruction with private study and practice, and with instruction and coaching in workshops and master classes through SageBrushers Art Society (Bend OR), Sitka Center for Art and Ecology (Lincoln City OR), Anderson Ranch Art Center (Snowmass CO), Madeleine Island School of the Arts (La Point, WI) , Central Oregon Community College, and Bend Academy of Art. Instruction or coaching came from Ian Factor, Jane Davies, Gwen Fox, William Park, Jef Gunn, Asad Faulwell, Barbara Berry, and Katherine Taylor, each providing unique perspectives on media and technique.

I believe one’s artistic expression is an evolutionary endeavor enhanced by consideration of ideas and insights from all who know and love fine art.


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