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The art of Kathryn Sue Vordenberg

Artist directory :: The art of Kathryn Sue Vordenberg


Ryn SV Studio 
Artist Statement: “I love painting to spark curiosity and joy.” CURIOSITY: Led me into my third creative career. Viewing art in Barcelona some years ago I became curious about the whys and hows of artists’ work. Sparked by that curiosity, I jumped into painting with optimism and a strong love of learning. As I developed artistically, the role of curiosity expanded and circled around until it now is the why and how of my art that is sparking the curiosity and interest of others, including artists, viewers and collectors. JOY : Partners with curiosity. While my choice of subject, my techniques, or my artistic style sparks curiosity, my use of color sparks joy. I love color—quiet subtle colors, yummy rich colors and brilliant in-your-face...


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Bend, OR 97703
United States


Abstracts Some of my abstract works are purely non-subjective. There was no intent on my part to represent anything concrete. Sometimes I may be representing a concept or feeling abstractly, or a subject may be suggested by the work itself when the painting is finished.
Landscapes/Seascapes Starting with camping and hiking with my family as a child, the natural world has played a very important role in my life. As a painter, I am drawn to the moods and colors of the natural world, and to how the natural world and its human inhabitants interact.
Plants/Animals The smaller aspects of our world often are as large in impact on us as the most dramatic mountain range or river canyon, and so it is a delight to portray the beauty of an ear of homegrown corn, or the personality of a friend’s pet.
Human Studies Portraits that capture an element of the personality as well as the features of an individual can be the most challenging and satisfying of my work. Portraying ways we humans connect with each other and our world offers me more freedom of expression, and brings its own creative reward.
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