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Happy Birthday Sarah. I met you recently while walking the streets of NOLA. Mailing you a note in the morning. Wondering about your show and what a good turn out you had a the event. Talk later. I have your number so I’ll call you on Saturday. Love seeing your work when you invited me into your home. C.
-- Connie Ward, 3/17/23

We were at the Brechtfest last night and I am still thinking about your reading. It seemed to be the perfect selection to end a fabulous event. AND your paintings are wonders.
-- Bette Cole, 2/8/23

Hey Sarah! Such amazing work. I especially love the Notes When Walking the Dog, the shadows are really cool! Hope your all keeping well. Jason
-- Jason Scott, 8/23/21

Hi, Sarah. Was looking at the painting you gave my father, wondered what you were up to, and found your website.
-- Michael Bergman, 7/26/21

Sorry to have missed your opening, fab work. Xx
-- Rob C F, 4/3/21

Diana BlackwellLove your work!
-- Diana Blackwell, 9/29/20

Mark KertzmanWow! Amazing colorful works. Made me smile!
-- Mark Kertzman, 5/24/20

I saw your paintings at your brother's chocolate shop and loved them. Please add me to your guestbook. I would love to hear about your shows and when you have any work for sale. Thank you!
-- Myong Roh, 3/10/20

Wonderful images and photography! Am a huge fan of Ireland too.
-- Andrew Leblanc, 2/13/20

Your work is wonderful! Where is your next show? Can't wait to go! Wow!!!
-- Kate Kemble, 1/24/20

I have always loved your work and am proud to say I have two of your paintings. If you remember a porch scene from Mary St in CG and some limes. I like the paintings of "Moms house" Don Miguelito Luis, Sur de la Florida
-- Mitch, 6/9/19

Just starting to look. Wonderful.
-- Crispin Larangeira, 5/9/19

hi Sarah, I love your work. I don't even care that the Saints didn't win. Nice meeting you tonight at David and Mary's tonight.
-- Judy Rosen, 1/20/19

Sarah, thanks for making this wonderful retrospective of your work available online. You capture the spirit of your subjects in a way that is truly moving.
-- Tim Trewhella , 5/24/18