Shadi Z Design
Welcome to Shadi Zafarpour online portfolio. This site will provide a general background information about the artist, her experiences working in design industries and examples of her artworks.  Shadi has also been serving as a certified district art teacher in the American school system since 2010, incorporating her art skills and knowledge in pedagogy with the love of learning and teaching.  Shadi is a multimedia artist with various skills in fine arts and digital arts which combine with her organizational skills is why her services are unique in providing private lessons, consultations in organizing your space and decorating rooms with costume made artworks. Shadi’s recent projects has been freelancing on nursery rooms!


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Arts and crafts. Graphic design. Interior designer. Product package designer. Cartoon. Animation. Digital and manual photography. Painting. Drawing. Translation. Extracurricular activities. After school programs. English teacher. Art teacher. Certified teacher.