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Hi, I stumbled across your page and fell in love with your artwork. Please keep producing beautiful pieces!! Excited to see what comes next ;)
-- Pancakes, 11/14/16

Hi, Ms.Zafarpour I just want to say thank you for everything this year. I will miss you. Thank you for teaching us (5b)
-- Karina Ventura, 6/10/15

Hi, Ms. Zafarpour i will miss you. Thank you for teaching us.
-- Fidel Puebla, 6/9/15

Hi, Shadi, i wish you a nice and good Nourous day and all the best for the future.I´m an "old" friend form your Daddy and uncle Shapour from Vienna.
-- Helga, 3/21/14

Shadi joon, your work is amazing! You have such great talent and a huge heart... ba etminan bash va baraye donya avaz nashoo!! :) xoxoxo
-- Becky Venzor, 8/21/13

Shadi, you HAVE to paint/draw. You didn`t make anything in the last 2 years. You are too young to forget your dreams!
-- Richard, 4/16/12

Great Work! Sending you some good vibes!
-- Galo Galvan, 9/22/11

salam khanoome zafarpour. karatoono didam karatoon kheyli fazaye abstract dare. khodetoon doost darid injoori beshe???
-- Ashkan, 5/2/11

The art/work is as beautiful as the artist herself!!! Great job!!! XO
-- Stephanie , 3/18/11

i miss you shadiz
-- Juston Williams, 1/12/11

I love your work, your website and your charming personality. You are impressive in every which way.
-- Nasim, 6/8/09

We met at Kampais Sushi grill on a monday - i'm the photographer. you gave me your contact information and here i am...following up and looking at your work. you appear to be the very definition of the word "baroque" - "disciplined but infused with passion." -pStan (the p is silent)
-- Stan Chancellor, 4/15/09

you shock my honey. you are so good. a good expert
-- Ashkan, 3/31/09

Hi Shadiz, I still love your work. Sorry I havn't been in touch lately, Ive been painting full time. I'm doing very well, by the way you look very beautiful in your photo. I was wondering what are you up to this spring, I was thinking maybe I could come out and see you.
-- Juston L. Williams, 3/13/09

Demey Garm nice page. There is another interesting site like yours visit their Guest book. Abadani Dictionary
-- Sia Abadani Ph.D, 8/7/08

Hey Shadiz, it felt really good to see you at the store today. I like talking to you. I came here before, I just didnt leave a message. I like your work, love to see more.
-- Juston Williams, 8/3/08

I love everything you have done, I have the pleasure seeing some of it from close and personal, you are a talented young woman who is on her way high up. Love you love Parvin
-- Parvin, 7/31/08

Great work! Keep me updated
-- Jan Goria, 6/13/08

Nice works, I think I'll learn a lot of from you the next times. Richard
-- Richard Banszegi, 6/12/08

Hi Shadi, it was great meeting you. I love your work on this site. In case I don't get through on the phone, Hobby Lobby had the easels and I got three for under $30.00. Thank your sister for me.
-- Bob Osborne, 6/9/08

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