I am a multicultural person with diverse experiences in my life and career. I believe anything is possible to achieve with a growth mindset, dedication and passion. So far, I have had remarkable journeys and significant achievements in my education and professional experiences that should reflect on my portfolios and resumes. Thus, I attribute my academic and professional success to the support of my family, friends, colleagues, directors, professors, peers who believe in me and my talents. I will remain inspired by those have impacted my life and my career in any ways and I will continue my advancement academically, creativity and professionally. I strive with hope that one day my academic and professional achievements to be inspiring to new generations to come.



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Arts and crafts. Graphic design. Interior designer. Product package designer. Cartoon. Animation. Digital and manual photography. Painting. Drawing. Translation. Extracurricular activities. After school programs. English teacher. Art teacher. Certified teacher.