Shari Crandall created Sun Crane Enterprises on March 8, 2008, as a vehicle for her artistic expression. Shortly after, Sun Crane also provided a home for her astrological studies and readings.

Historically and mythologically, the Sun and the Crane each symbolize creative and joyful expression, the synthesis of art and mystical expression, the unfathomable creative resource that resides within each and every one of us.

Shari glories in the sun’s light and warmth. As an adult exploring mythology, older customs and cultural traditions, she learned the Sun is seen as a universal symbol of light illuminating the life source of the creative. Further, the sun symbolizes an individual’s connection to the creative source residing within, which is then expressed, or radiated, outwardly.

In early childhood, the Crane became an important figure for Shari. Around the time she first saw pictures of the Japanese Crane (probably in an old National Geographic), she was also told a family legend in which the name Crandall represented the Cranes of the Welsh Dells. The Crane has resonated within and walked with her ever since.

In ancient stories, the Crane was considered the bird of the Sun God Apollo and heralded as a mystical messenger of the heavens, a symbol of wisdom and inspiration, raising one to higher and higher levels of enlightenment. In other myths, the Honorable Lord Crane symbolizes our creative resources and keeps those resources alive through proper focus.  

As the company’s name implies, the mystical and creative source of all that is nourishes and inspires Shari.


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