Shari Crandall cannot remember when she hasn’t been creating “something” – whether drawing a picture or concocting solutions with her chemistry set as a child, applying creative problem solving at work or painting a picture as an adult.

Connecting with the mystical and creative source is a form of meditation for Shari. Creating art or preparing for an astrological reading brings Shari to center; it is where she loses Self in that place of no-time and is surprised when hours have passed when she thought it had been minutes.

While living in the metro-Washington DC area, Shari was a member of The Art League in Alexandria, VA and juried into several shows. Shari, her husband Steve, and their dog Kelso moved to Bend OR in 2010. After living in Bend for five years, they moved to Redmond, OR in June 2015. Shari’s love for Central Oregon endures – the rich colors and textures of Oregon's high desert feed the creative muse within. 

Currently, Shari sits on the Board of Directors for Art in the High Desert, a critically acclaimed annual juried art show that draws artists from all over North America. She also is a Board Member for the Friends of the Redmond Oregon (FORO) and the Friends of Redmond Library (FORBL), and a member of FORBL's Art Committee. Further, Shari is a member of SageBrushers Art Society in Bend. 


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