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Love the new website! Also found a couple prints I would like to buy - someday I will. You do such wonderful art work.
-- Sherri Byrd, 2/7/18

I am excited that you have had the time to refine, celebrate and share your work. It is a pleasure to spend time enjoying it.
-- Melodee Melin, 10/3/14

Breath taking, Shari. Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing your gift!
-- Edie Fondren, 5/27/14

Beautiful work!
-- Karen Tucker, 5/20/14

Shari! I am truly amazed at your creative spirit and your paintings. I always knew you were creative; but, never dreamed you were/are a painter extraordinaire :-) love you.
-- Susieq, 5/20/14

Love everything here, Shari! The name, the story, the art! Congratulations & all the best to you!
-- Chris Derosa, 5/20/14

I was glad to explore this dimension of you and happy to know others will too. JAE
-- Jim Egenrieder, 5/20/14

incredible work
-- Mary Skrzynski, 5/20/14

Beautiful person, beautiful artwork, thank you Shari Crandall!
-- Susan Nobles, 5/20/14

Did you tell me you paint? Work is fabulous! Portello's soon?
-- Bert Kronmiller, 5/20/14

Shari, congratulations! How exciting for you. So, how soon before you are more famous than you are already to those who know you? Hugs and best wishes!
-- Susie Alvarez, 5/20/14

I am surprised... but not surprised to see such beautiful work coming from your hands, heart and soul. I can't wait to see more!
-- Sharon Kinsman, 5/20/14

Wonderful! Thought it was really interesting about you and Sun Crane. Your pictures are amazing as I have always said. Paint on my dear!!!
-- Sherri Byrd, 5/13/14