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Painting In Padua, Italy
Suzanne Campbell-DeVermandois Pfost;Artist/Author Susi Franco
     BEFORE you read my history  :) I'd want you to know I'm a Breast Cancer Survivor and I intend to keep surviving! Your support of my work helps me tackle medical expenses as well as keep the lights on here at the farm. 

I thank you in advance for your support of Living Artists! xoxoxo 

So!---I began painting 23 years ago, after becoming disabled from my Critical Care Nursing career. It was my desperate answer to a severe back injury & chronic pain that accompanied it. I've never been able to tolerate narcotics, so I needed something to help me re-focus and center. I received a box of student grade art supplies from a friend and I dove in with a passion, studying 12 hours or more a day, painting daily. I always credit Art with having saved my life. 

All these years later, it's pretty much the same. I've taught myself entirely, am a passionate, devoted ( some say obsessed :) student of Art History & art technique, am constantly experimenting, trying new styles/schools of Art, new methods, even new mediums. 

I'm nowhere near done with me yet, still working at finding my truest voice. I'm hoping you can see something in my work to relate to; I love the conversation that happens between Artists and their viewers. 

   I work primarily in Oils, but also love Mixed Media, Acrylics, Enamels on Glass and the occasional Watercolor, Mixed Media & Alcohol Inks. I specialize in painting on re-purposed materials such as tin ceiling tiles, old wooden windows, pieces of wood salvaged from construction sites,wine bottles and even a hubcap once.  I love giving a new life to discarded items. I also rehab discarded furniture into heirloom-esque treasures.

    Interior Design is a related specialty of mine; I adore doing Murals and renovations of homes/offices using what you already have. It is design for those with a shoestring budget, my particular area of expertise~ :) If you've a hankering for an Accent Wall Mural, shoot me an email & we'll talk! 

    I live on a 6 acre farm waaaaaay out in the backwoods of RI with my animals; it is isolated, peaceful, quiet here, perfect for the monastic life I lead, happily interrupted frequently by house guests who apparently love my cooking and the Zen of this place.  :)  I'm blessed to have, separate for the first time, a 600 sq ft studio about 300 yards from my home. I go out there and get lost in my work, joyously oblivious to time. I have a woodstove out there, in cold months it's quite toasty & cozy.

     I'd also want to let you know I am a nationally-published author, have a book on as well as other e-book retailers, available in Kindle/e-reader platforms as well as traditional publishing formats. The book is "Angels With Stethoscopes" and I welcome you to visit & read some excerpts from it ( click on my photo and the link will take you to my book). 

In addition to this site, you may now find my work (as print reproductions) on,, and more, I am very pleased to say. ( just search 'Susi Franco' on those sites, be mindful of correct spelling)

 I like that my work is available in affordable e-venues. Like the famous Dr. Barnes, I don't feel Art was intended only for the wealthy elite but for all people, all socio-economic strata. Art belongs to everyone.
  I consider myself as living a blessed life at this juncture; I have just about everything I could ask for here at Al Di La, my farm. I have an amazing family; six gorgeous, gifted thriving grown children and 10 amazing, beautiful grandchildren & two precious Great-Grands. 

It is my intent to maximize every day God gives me, filling my days with Art, Literature, Music and of course, my precious family & friends~ 

 It gives great depth to my life to be able to make something new in the world, to do good work and stay in a state of being fully present for each moment of this time we're allotted. I wish the same for you, too. I deeply appreciate you, the viewer, and that you've taken a moment from your busy life to stop by here and visit with me and my work. Thank you for that---and come back often, will be updating periodically.

 You're welcome to drop me a line, reach out & say hi or ask questions about my work; I enjoy being available to that. Hoping there's laughter in your day. :)
 Warmly, Susi

Artist Author Susi Franco

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You are an incredible artist!!! We have your VanGigh in our hallway. We love it! Thank you so much!
-- Marilyn, 4/9/18