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Artist directory :: FINE ART BY SUSI FRANCO

Brilliant, memorable Fine Art Paintings by Internationally-Awarded & Nationally Published Artist-Author Susi Franco

                                   FINE ART BY SUSI FRANCO


Susi Franco Fine Art 
BEFORE you read my history :) I'd want you to know I'm a Breast Cancer Survivor and I intend to keep surviving! Your support of my work helps me tackle medical expenses as well as keep the lights on here at the farm. I thank you in advance for your support of Living Artists ! xoxoxo So!---I began painting 23 years ago, after becoming disabled from my Critical Care Nursing career. It was my desperate answer to a severe back injury &chronic pain that accompanied it. I've never been able to tolerate narcotics, so I needed something to help me re-focus and center. I received a box of student grade art supplies from a friend and I dove in with a passion, studying 12 hours or more a day, painting daily. I always credit Art with having saved my life....


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